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It is the agency business related to trade, such as exports and imports.
Depending on your needs we Toriokona~tsu from overseas procurement of products and merchandise to the development business.
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The basic concept of Watore

In the Internet world, information of huge boulders mixing has been flooding regarding trade.

Site, which describes all of the trade knowledge also there are many, but most are in such a level have read the Dictionary of English, it was not feel like hurdle is too high for quite common.

So not only a mere service introduction, understandable information and knowledge that will help in practice rather than a textbook content, we are in it to introduce and interesting thought that if get used to help people that Nayame to trade.

Also, we hope to "opportunity" be of interest and understanding in the world of trade with the potential to expand the future.

When there is that it was troubled by what trade, and I want to sites like get to come back to this Watore.

If you have such things and questions you feel something is springing, and I am pleased if people to take to the communication from the comments and inquiries form.

(→ Inquiry Form collection is here. )

Watore We look forward to communication from you!

Concept in the business of Watore

Even life business also, it is today's world and that feels a sense of stagnation that it would consider the chance only in the country.
But if you put in the field of view to overseas, we believe that from the current situation of the choices can be expanded securely.


In means to say and trade together, why not expand the potential of your business?
We in the trade process of import and export, we have a fine while also various jobs.

We are not a manufacturer, nor the distributor, is a trading company that has the function of some logistics.
However, general trading companies of work painful to understand, What never was felt distrust from further uncertainty when it comes to trading company?

You not only useful first only something trading company, so do not than I thought that it is not needed?
We'll do manufacturers and directly to Nante'm enough B terms.

We By us to clarify the added value that brings to our customers, the success of the business and to be able to help you understand the benefits enough we believe that there is no.

Overseas procurement in the world, import and export trade, but domestic distribution and variety of suppliers exist, to say that your trade needs an exhaustive was gulp communication Nuqui service will is less like feel surprisingly.
Since the trade process is a Rube Goldberg, but is really tend to the work of process-oriented, what the heck it's what the process for?

We hope to provide a solution for not only in that it could do only in-house, your true of your request by cooperation with various partners.

Customs broker trader and domestic logistics suppliers san, you have a rather high level of expertise and infrastructure.
And it is also the presence say an important partner also for us.

  • And the importance of making things as development, we know the creative fun.
  • And the severity of the site to be sold as a business, you know the joy of when the get to vote.
  • And possibilities of commerce with foreign cultural and customs are different as Shoshaman, I know the severity of the competition.

For What is making things, and because of anything to do with trade, we kept asking to themselves every day to say that what for the logistics.

If your company's non-core is in our core, the synergistic effect is supposed to be preeminent.

We cover large trade business, we believe that the maximum contribution to your company's value chain.


If you feel a gap in the current situation, please contact us!

  • Through means to say that provision and logistics services of goods in trade, and offers solutions to customers!
  • To fill your missing piece, we aim to value chain to maximize the synergy!

As ongoing partners, with imports and we want to become a fabless manufacturer existence and IPO of the OEM / ODM business with a focus on overseas.
In export and I think if it is possible to outsourcing as a trading department of your company.

If the ideal and the reality on trade than there are gaps, please contact us.
At that time in we thought that if possible you help with your help service that sharp of our maneuverability.

This site is the fact that continue to transmit the useful information, I hope that it should become a "five edge" of future business with you.

Watore the hell Who is operated? ?

This site (Watore!) Are operated by the International Department of the Corporation include.

We are a trading company, which was founded in 1962.
(→ company for more information about this company site please visit.)

Tokyo, Chiba, Osaka Prefecture, has offices in four locations of Fukuoka Prefecture, we are developing a variety of business models of trading company while small.

International Department in Tokyo Iwamotocho Among them, overseas procurement, OEM / ODM import and sale, export packaging, the trade agency has been the core business.

People in the Watore are here!

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