Gobusatashiteorimasu! Watore! It is.


If you were looking forward to have rest your blog for a while, I'm sorry! !

Because we will continue to update also the blog surrounding trade and logistics future, I am glad if you can acquaintance!

This time, after a long time of the appearance, we Watore! Frequently I would like to talk of inquiry to.

Here Watore! The, I receive many such inquiries and consultation in the day-to-day telephone and e-mail.

"I do not know now is whether should I wear anything from hands with very much difficulty likely image When I hear I exports and imports is but he is going to start trading with overseas ..."

"Emergency, when we started the business no longer stick is out of control surging logistics terminology, by someone help, ... that business opportunities are escaping."

"I but has been a self-trading with overseas customers until now, ?? Do you want! Can you help me strive to I want to reduce the cost further overseas expansion by considering the outsourcing of logistics operations than it is now."

"I want turned into 3PL, Where do can I inquire, I wish not sure ..."


In this way the inquiry to come towards one person who worries also various ...

Everyone worries facing such a worries, we've solved that has been cultivated for many years of experience and track record.

Some of those who are reading this blog who are also facing the same kind of worries, Do not Come? ?

Please feel free to contact us to us!
It allows you to expand the possibilities of Business solutions together !!

Send your inquiry to here!

♪ Twitter will also be restarted
Please search for "Worldtrade".

We look forward to follow ♪

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