The SDS needed to chemicals? ?

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Hello! Watore! It is. Although it is sudden, today let's talk about the need of the SDS created corresponding to the GHS classification. ... What, suddenly a thing of what you be been chosen abbreviation of English No~o? Hatena mark might be many people that came to mind and. The first place "GHS" A When you called or what things and ··· GHS: Global Harmonized System of Classification and Chemicals, that in accordance with globally unified rules by the degree and type of hazardous chemicals in the classified, it refers to the system on which the information or provide safety data sheet or display the label so that at a glance. ghs In fact, we introduced this GHS is being carried out in various countries, including Japan. Is it a thing of the flame and then "SDS"? And say you and the ··· SDS: Its name Safety Data Sheet, refers to the safety data sheet, at the time of the transfer and provide a product that contains a chemical substance there is a risk of hazard to other operators It refers to the document for providing information about the properties and handling of such chemical substances.

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sds The SDS to be created on or after January 1, 2011 you will need to describe the classification (summary) of the potential dangers of GHS. In addition, in the EU REACH regulations, for the SDS of the mixture, you need the description of the classification results based on the CLP rules until June 1, 2015. Furthermore, not only the EU, also with regard to the United States OSHA HCS, requires a description of the GHS classification results until June 1, 2015 for the SDS of substances and mixtures. If everyone knew that this GHS and SDS? It is necessary to study the day-to-day information gathering! Next blog is also fun! !

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