I certificate of origin acquired behalf of the Japanese textile exports union!

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European textiles are required certificate of origin.

In the old days in the United States it was required VISA is. Export licenses were also needed.
In the former Ministry of International Trade and Industry crow's feet headband clasped in hand textile category list (now Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) issued by beating the computer, I was making the documents crying Hihi and seared the type. Such a thing also is no longer the need for management regulations are relaxed VISA acquired by now.

Textiles for Europe now is required by the importing country side certificate of origin issued by the Japanese textile exports union.

It becomes the acceptance of Japanese-made only.
Please do vendor to request importing countries is whether or not it is necessary certificate of origin of textile products other than made in Japan.
We recommend confirmation before export. Of foreign products certificate of origin can be obtained with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. **

Speaking in the textile and word and I'm a breeze but actually I'm a deep back.
Therefore, Ichi-seki a little classroom

* It is classified into natural fibers and chemically produced chemical fibers taken from the natural raw material and is distinguished by classification materials and types of fibers.
Natural fiber is divided for a long time and is taken from natural raw materials in animal fibers quarried from plant fibers and animal splendid from plant fibers that mankind had been using.
Also it will say what splendid from minerals such as rock and mineral fibers.

Plants and natural fiber textile and animal fibers and mineral fibers

Chemical fiber is classified into four by the fiber in the manufacturing method and the type of raw materials made by chemical means.
What the natural raw materials once dissolved and was in fibrous recycled fiber.
Natural fibers by chemical change to those in the fiber structure is a semi-synthetic fiber.
Synthetic fibers with ingredients made in synthetic chemistry.
Metals, inorganic fibers made from inorganic materials such as glass.

The chemical fiber regenerated fibers and semi-synthetic fibers, synthetic fibers and inorganic fibers

First it seems rayon has been invented. From about 110 years ago now.

We will apply at Japan textile exports union. It is gonna be issued on the spot. But in the document requires a handwritten sign.
Moreover, the sign must be registered. Furthermore it is not free.

Our'm a within walking distance to Japan textile exports union branch in Iwamotocho.
Emergency response can be is! It's heart is strong! The same day specified location delivered in emergency without time to lose in the bike flights also possible (actual expenses)
For details, contact us to Watore! !

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