The breeze and you know I immigration can be automated gate?

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Do you know automated gate at the Narita Airport?

When immigration, it is a normal step is to pass the passport to customs officials of the manned booth says completed got the immigration mark.

But it has become like can breeze and immigration in the beep beep I like the ETC is now.

It was started at Narita Airport by law amendment from November 20, 2008, an automated gate.
Initially machinery of trouble a lot, it is something more was early that lined the manned booth, depending on the current situation has come become a thing very useful.

When the manned booth is crowded, if possible immigration in gallantly and automated gate, is recommended because taste is refreshing feeling is attracting attention only little if now.

people automated gate can use

When you describe the simple conditions will 4 bracts below.

  • It has not expired valid passport
  • Passport type IC is built
  • human fingerprint is stable
  • People who have completed the registration of automated gate

For identification of the person is to be done by the fingerprint authentication, the small children I'd like it to say useless because the fingerprint is not stable.

The location of the automated gate at Narita Airport

There are only two places in the current.

1. First PTB ··· South Wing departure and landing examination field 2. Second PTB ··· south exit of departure and landing examination field

Registration possible locations of automated gate

Registration can be location, and Tokyo Immigration Bureau in addition to Narita Airport.

Even so troublesome to bother registration go to Tokyo Immigration Bureau, I think to still the day's kill two birds with one stone that do at Narita Airport.
And passed through the security check and is located immediately to the right of the leftmost crew dedicated lane of immigration field. (It is the side of the automated gate)

However, currently can be registered only on the day of departure, yet so can not be registered only from 9:00 in the morning, the direction of early morning flights note.

Registration method of automated gate

Be submitted by completing a simple registration application form in the vicinity, passing the passport, it's done if I get a scan the fingerprints of both hands index finger.
If you do not put the time to line up, the procedure itself is not borrowed only about 5 minutes.

However, it seems not all people can be registered after registration.
Such as children the fingerprint as described above is not stable is like useless, but usually is like easy registration can be completed.

It will be as use automated gate from the right after departure.

Steps to immigration in automated gate

The actual procedure is three simple steps.

  • Step 1. scanning the pages that first the passport photo is resting in the bottom
  • Step 2. Since the door of transparent open, (it will be looking to be confined in both transparent door.) Entering the inside of the gate
  • Step 3. Place the index finger of both hands on top of the machine, it scans the fingerprint

When the above is successfully completed, it will open the door of the outlet side of transparency.
People want immigration stamps is, Could you ask if the officer in the vicinity.

But since the transfer of each data takes more than 10 seconds, it is impression to say that the honest "slow!".

Disadvantages of automated gate

If again to ask officials, except to say that does not give me indicia of that immigration to the passport, disadvantage is not at all.
(Please note that in such as travel insurance this mark is required.)

But there's good, it is to say that it takes a long time to crowded better automated gate in the same manner as ETC.
Especially when the return home, since officials completed in if about 10 seconds early, towards the human will overwhelmingly early as a procedure.

Even registered in automated gate, it is also available immigration in still usually manned gate.
To say and choose the one that is free either, it is not free and feeling good.

PS: I do will the appropriate to say and even out return home rather than immigration?

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