Breakfast if IKEA is recommended in Taipei

by admin

How much breakfast in Taipei, do either of you recommend?

It is close (in the hotel =) comfortable place, a delicious place, popular place, but there will be a variety is a good place and a choice of atmosphere, my now recommended by far breakfast at IKEA!

Opened to very quickly from, it would be so crowded if you noticed, really it is to find a seat, I great, but ....


How much IKEA, I'm of course is famous fashionable furniture store in the Nordic?

You know if it was a restaurant, but what with Will furniture store that popular at the time of the breakfast ...?

The answer is here.

taiwan-ikea-bf taiwan-ikea-bf1

If you pay only $ 39 at IKEA and if now, it is because the bread and ham and scrambled eggs breakfast, such as a photograph can eat.
And coffee is your place to unlimited.

To say it is written to sign $ 39, of course without the United States dollar, the Taiwan dollar.
It can easily now Taiwan dollar because it does not is 3 yen, I feel it is said that 100 yen a little how much 39 Taiwan dollars.

Most of the Taiwanese people breakfast eat outside.

So if you start this kind of breakfast for Barker, it is a translation to become serious thing in ... Well another like this.

You can start first thing in the morning is not recommended because the super-crowded such.

Breakfast 9: 00-10: Because doing up to 30, 10:00 to enter the much too and I recommend it is possible to loose.

Taipei most access to easy IKEA location in the city here.

See a large map

Since other to some some also, please come and try the easy IKEA your go!

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