Eleven 飲Mitakattara to have coffee in Taiwan

by admin

When you are in Taiwan, or where to go and want to drink coffee?


One course that is correct.

Delicious Starbucks coffee shop is popular around the world.

But then if you like Starbucks, especially, is that you go to a Seven-Eleven.

7-Eleven in Taiwan have most of this sign.


This "City Cafe" is a sign I said you can buy the coffee.

If the coffee 飲Mitakere, City Cafe vigorously recommend this if you want to communicate in Taiwan!

Eleven and Starbucks in Taiwan is the same company, uniform companies (Uni-President Enterprise Corp.) Are run by.
City Cafe at this, so I use the coffee beans are actually the same as the Starbucks!


Even to go to Starbucks, there still is to find a sufficient number of stores because there are is hard to increase our prices slightly, and Yappari.

In contrast Eleven are located throughout town, and this is the price of NT $ 50/cup City Cafe in big size (not even 150 yen) and a cup of coffee at a cheaper price rather our half of the approximately I.

You do?
But it still, why not try City Cafe is not in Taiwan but are available? ?

You also, in Taiwan, please enjoy the good mood at City Cafe 7-11!

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