Shopping surgery of 10% OFF at JAL card

by admin

Do you use any credit card?

If it is money that must be used anyway, credit card or do not want to aim a point back, etc.?

If you think so, you can show offices of credit card of choice also arm if aiming a businessman.

There is a variety of credit card in the world, but if the ride well in work patterns airplane, after all airline-affiliated credit card is recommended!

Do you often use Which airline?

Many Japanese, is still like there are many people who have to patronize the Japanese of ANA or JAL.

By the way to introduce the example in JAL card here.
Of course, the JAL card comes with even mileage to function, it is the IC's very convenient that it can be boarded just pitch as long as it is a domestic or so have been installed.
(Although it is in advance required arrangements.)

And as they will be introduced separately, and then focus here on shopping surgery to directly there are benefits.

Because in the international airport there is a Duty Free Shop, I think there shopping in how many people are in one of the fun of overseas business trip.
(Probably also many people who are fed up with being asked to tedious errand, but ....)

Do you know, but people also would often have had you know that's not the case with JAL system therein are mixed?
(The'm left After missing the immigration if the Narita Airport, left!)

JAL Duty Free

If you buy in the Duty Free Shop of JAL system in JAL card, it is not only the tax is deducted, it would be shopping at what further 10% OFF!
(Of course, even if you buy it unless a JAL system at a JAL card because it does not Azukare for this benefit attention!)

To give a concrete example, such tobacco mass of tax in luxury goods.
To Toka 3,000 yen per carton in the city, can not be stopped from what half can buy less of yen 1,440!
(※ 2009/06/01 at the time KENT SUPER 6 of a box 300 yen has had rose to 1,710 yen per carton = 10 boxes .... Well, still 43% discount of the reason is, but.)

Shopping surgery OK even without ride separately from JAL until here.

If further than ride in JAL, if you buy even in-flight sales goods in JAL card I will of course 10% OFF.

In-flight benefits in sales, especially Premier products such as liquor.
10% OFF is also That is right, considering the market price's a surprise from accidentally changing in horribly cheap original price ....

This should be in a dying shopping surgery to people you thirsty! !

For more information on in-flight sales, also because I would like to inform on another, your expected to ask later!

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