QC at various stages of production

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Stage is made to say things with a wide variety.

Quality (Quality) to manage (Control) from a QC is not to be, a wide variety of QC is also commonplace.

So here, let's look at each step through the QC.

olpc production starts
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What's a Quality Control in a truly ※ QC, or only Quality Check or is difficult to say, QC come out here and testing rather (Check) Please note that it will be with the principal.

Stage 1. QC = IQC's receiving member at

Is the case in any manufacturer, but are produced in-house ten to one is not everything.
I think any attempt to manufacture, equipment and expertise that is too large and inefficient eventually does not.

With respect to some members, there is a subcontractor of outsourcing say that the factory should always specialized.

Start of manufacturing, the delivery of materials from the plant begins its subcontractors.

In other words, QC is the very first member of that inspection.
This IQC (Incoming material QC) is called.

Such materials generally have lower purchase prices, yet it will be large quantities, or the written confirmation of inspection with the inspection report from the contractor's plant, is common, such as spot checks at the rate of AQL.

IQC Why do I need?

A little too polite, some people may feel too 面倒臭.
I may say not to believe and contractor's plant.

But please try to think!

The product made from scrap material, it is a defective product becomes less perfect, even after the process.
It may be said may be a QC from the finished product is a waste of previous work, a waste of time, waste of space, materials and wastes will occur.
Also assembled from the finding of its members would say is bad is very difficult.

The bug will be easy to convince the contractor's plant that immediately after receiving, to prevent recurrence is not expected to be followed by the PDCA.
Even if the complaint is defective in material and in finished products, it also eliminates the need for such barren controversy would not say what happened during the operation.

So say IQC is extremely important.

Step 2. QC = IPQC at the point of work (PQC or)

The next member for passing through the IQC, and said assembling step.

Here is not to begin work on their own factory worker. (Sometimes the part that the robot).

Say that workers are human beings. In the view of human nature as fundamentally depraved is not, man is a creature would cause errors.
In the process of a human being is the management of suspected human error is always quality.
(Robots and mechanical errors are caused, ultimately testing it is considered that operations such as human error.)

We work with each separator, the step of testing semi-finished products and materials assembled by members, IPQC (In-line Production QC) "is to incorporate.

If this is not the work itself is a worker, the case is divided into specialized QC personnel.

Stage 3. The finished product QC = FQC

Become a member and semi-finished components are assembled, and semi-finished products and semi-finished products are assembled, and finally the finished product.

The finished product QC FQC (Final Product QC) is called.
The exhibit features or products that meet the specifications and appearance are sure they do not dirty or scratched, where it is usual to check exhaustive.

Basically the packaging system were excluded, may have more if only the product.

If the work itself and also workers, divided into a case of professional QC staff.

Step 4. QC = OQC before shipment

This is the last stage of QC.
Only do basically professional QC staff.

Just exactly what the ship ready, OQC to check all the unpacking and random sampling (Outgoing QC) is.

Although doing FQC, OQC manufacturers say will not feel like doing much.
If QC is complete until the previous stage, in theory where the nearly defect should not be found, somehow you know that feeling.

OQC this point is that you say as it is the only state to reach it.
OQC is the last bastion.
Can not also be a OQC, they received their product to customers is unchanged.

Of course it must be defective here, but it is not good, QC of processes such as yours have been found so far here is a failure to say no sense at all.

Since well, OQC is not said the most important points.


In any case, such as relying on intuition, to examine what you do, I would say critical systems and standards for allocating and if by any criteria.



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