The seven tools of QC?

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Do you have a quality management doing about you?

And even if it is suddenly said Te "syrups quality control!", I'm Nothing is difficult if there is no prior knowledge.
After vaguely beginning, ... the efficiency horribly bad thing.

I think are doing a quality management senior person how?

It is what it is quick to learn anything from a good precedent.
(It 's is what you say it is the so-called study.)

So here is a typical tool in quality control = QC, I would want to study the seven tools of QC.

Quality Control Laboratory
Attribution-NonCommercial License by Smcgee

Industry standard of Japan has been defined in JIS.
The JIS Z8101 Among them are specified standards for statistics.

Seven tools of QC is basically using the statistics, it has become like can visually understand by illustration.

Tools Part 1: cause and effect diagram
  • Summary: diagram systematically represents the relationship of specific results and cause system
  • Purpose: organizing of the relationship between the result and the cause
Tools Part 2: Check Sheet
  • Overview :( This is the same as the format of a widely used checklist)
  • Purpose: Check Point
Tool Part 3: Pareto chart
  • Summary: In stratified by item, along with arranging the frequency in the order of magnitude, showing the cumulative sum Figure
  • Purpose: To grasp the weight is large failure, utilized for ABC analysis
Tools Part 4: histogram
  • Summary: with a graphical representation of the frequency distribution of the metrological characteristics, when it is divided into the existing range of the measurement values ​​into several sections, and the bottom of each section, the area that is proportional to the frequency of the measurement values ​​belonging to the interval FIG arranged a rectangle
  • Purpose: To understand the differences in the data
Tools Part 5: scatter plot
  • Summary: The two characteristics are the horizontal and vertical axes, the graph display is made by RBI observation point
  • Objective: understand the relationship of the data to be paired
Tools Part 6: control chart
  • Summary: the value of the statistic that continuous observations or group, usually was RBIs in the order of time order or sample number, upper control limit dotted line and / or a diagram with a lower control limit line
  • Objective: discovery of abnormal values ​​from the variation
Tool that 7: graph
  • Overview: Other bar graph, line graph, such as pie charts and radar chart
  • Purpose: The discovery of a causal relationship from data

By performing the verification in these seven tools, should there be sure what you'll see something.

From there going to turn the PDCA hypothesis → run → verification is a quality management, it is a translation to become a cycle to say that going to improve the quality by continuing.

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