The upward spiral of quality improvement in PDCA

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Have you ever heard the words to say PDCA?

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PDCA P's Plan (Plan), D is Do (execution), C is Check (check), A is Action (action).
This one cycle, and that it continues round and round turn, image Keywords say that the continuous improvement is, is this a PDCA.

PDCA = Plan → Do → Check → Action
Before the PDCA, towards the PDS it is is like was common and say either.
PDS = Plan → Do → See
It becomes a little before, but it was trendy to say the hypothesis thinking a keyword in Japanese.
Hypothesis → run → verification
Anything, it is to be honest to say that it is not know if it is not try.
If you do not start, and to do not know anything at all, there is no growth unless reflect it found was that.

Good thing to think whether was why good, it is a translation that must be more.
Bad thing to think why the bad, it is a translation that must be so as not to again.

In addition to hypothesis thinking also, there are the like of following in the similar keywords on this idea.
Trial and error
Is this would be not a word that has been used since long time ago?
But it is words that are often used in everyday even now.
Trial and error
This is also being used well, what not in English, which has become almost Japanese.
But that ends with Yarippanashi in error, I do not go convinced something.
Tri, like a error & collect, it might be the same meaning as PDCA if there is a keyword action corrective.
(The first thing from assumes the error, it will submit a request to something negative impression but.)
Test and roll-out
This has been used well in promotional method in such as a retail store.
Start the promotion in a limited tempo, it means the flow gradually to say going to expand to the whole country depending on the response.

The word itself has Hayarisutari, but the spirit of the back I think the same if Ultimately.

Not only making things, in order to increase the quality is a useless in Yarippanashi, be sure to consider why, and the correct, if necessary.
And the cycle, it will feel very important to continue on an ongoing basis the so-called PDCA.

At any age, anywhere, that that must be really done will the immutable.

A word on behalf of, it would be that true's immutable epidemic.

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