QCD is the basic of all the work

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What are the elements necessary for work?

Not only manufacturing, the also important to the general work is this "QCD".
Of course, but there is a variety of important things, it is very useful keywords that it was easy to understand summary.

But, "DCQ" But without "CDQ" neither such as, Why a "QCD"? ? ?

Each of the "QCD" it represents the following.

· Q = Quality = quality

· C = Cost = cost

· D = Delivery = delivery, delivery time

Why "Q" or will the first of?

Because this is what is important to say the quality is also put, it is a translation that is referred to as "Quality First".
If it is not met certain or more of the required quality, and that would become completely meaningless.
Products that do not meet the quality of a certain or higher level are not needed in the world, it does not exist.

And that there is a physical limit in the foot, after all cost.
Especially in business, since the action for the benefit it says a direct cost can not be ignored.

And last delivery.
Even those may be, no matter how cheap, there is no after all meaning unless unobtainable in place when needed.

No matter how good job, you do not know to what time can do, usually, but it is not reach in to buy?

Difficult is "QCD", of course all of the optimization to the will but is there the best, we have a mutual relationship of such increase also any Increasing the how these items.

For example, the cost goes up when you try to raise the quality, cost, and so forth up when you try to shorten the delivery time is I think there are things that were familiar and experience.

Our job is translation which will be to maintain the optimal balance of this trade-off.

In business in the world "Q" and "C" is taken for granted that because the cutback level, now you might say that the era of competition in the "D".

But further competition intensified in recent years, the differentiation of only a basic in the basic "QCD" has become difficult.

Recently, therefore, it is like the development system of "QCD" as shown below there has been occurred.

  • QCDSM = QCD + Safety + Moral
  • QCDDSS = QCD + Develop + Speed ​​+ Service
  • S-QCD = Speed ​​+ QCD
  • D-QCD = Design + QCD
  • PQCDS = Product + QCD + Sales
  • QCD + E = QCD = Environment
  • D-QCT = Design + QCD - Delivery + Time
  • QCDS = QCD are Service!

Which point of view even from after all, we base you can see that says "Quality 1st.".
All it has become a trade-off or ternary opposition say 3 freezing, eventually is that the balance says important.

It is where to put the center of gravity that is not his own of negotiable, I would like varies the individuality of each work.

Not only making things, QCD is the fundamental and say likely fundamental in leading to all of the work.

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