Do you know the tricks of spelled out?

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When looking at the Movie, there are times when painful laughter was found to occur in the subtitles in the scene that have come up with a police officer.
When you read a car number, such as suspects, Will is surely Confused spelled out of the British character ....

Because now it has developed well as E-mail, How can is not high degree of dependence of not that much phone, there are times when even require spelled out in the still practice of trade.

Such as well come out of the B / L number and Swift code in the case of trade practice.
Alphanumeric list, yet it is of course those who hear what is somehow and ranging up to 10 digits, which is no longer even know who it said.

For example, this.


When was the telephone, do you tell about you?

Alphabet Puzzle Mat
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License by Camknows

Since long time ago to be a communication and of using the radio as he from the field, it was often there is quite listening painful situation by radio wave condition.
Now technology has progressed in, but you can call in a fairly clear state even a mobile phone, who are not native is what is difficult to pronounce to distinguish properly such as L and M and N.

However, such as those of the alphanumeric list is a B / L number, does not make sense at all once you make a mistake in one letter.
It has single-letter character they've got a very important meaning.

So is a translation to say that are utilized in order to convey them accurately even now as "phonetic code (Phonetic Code)".
(Also referred to as the phonetic alphabet.)

Phonetic to tick code is the airline industry, as different words to use, respectively due to a communications industry industry.
NATO's phonetic code but is old most famous, or you will not than following is major, even in but trade relations will be slightly different from country to country?

  • A = America
  • B = Boston
  • C = China
  • D = Denmark
  • E = England
  • F = France
  • G = German
  • H = Hong Kong
  • I = Italy
  • J = Japan
  • K = Korea
  • L = London
  • M = Mexico
  • N = Nippon
  • O = Osaka
  • P = Peking
  • Q = Queen
  • R = Rome
  • S = Spain
  • T = Tokyo
  • U = Unite
  • V = Victory
  • W = Washington
  • X = X-ray
  • Y = Yokohama
  • Z = Zebra

This is why the above is basic, but it is only good if Tsujire.
Beginning with that letter, only it may be be replaced by descriptive word.

When you first spell out in accordance with basic YOMSNA906204L you put as an example will be under way.

Yokohama, Osaka, Mexico, Spain, Japan, the United States, (number) London

Partial numbers I think that does not matter in Japan read if Japanese opponent.

Suddenly and words not major, since the confusion To tell the complex word, it is a good idea if you are enough just have decided to advance base.

So is a translation also be playfully how much if it gets used.

If Japanese each other, and it may be spelled out in the words of this Japanese (!?) If Tsujire.

Not play-Tchuu Welcome-uncle, once again, firmly · · (numbers) to London

But it is easy to remember is who here?

... Because it is work, too, I should be so as not offend too playfully Wu Wu clouds.

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