TPP has been actively discussed, but the inevitable at the time of importation to become what the import duties is the HS code.

And What are the HS code?

● the underlying treaty of tariff rate table to determine the tariff rate is the HS Convention. This has been the entry into force in 1988 in what to unify the product classification such as tariff rate table of countries.
● There were four amendments until now. This time of revision item table will be applied from January 1, 2012.

Or Will this time of the revision was carried out from any point of view .......

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In the previous blog I will describe the wrong TPP and TTP, and I have received indications. It is necessary to still neatly confirmation.
However it comes out various search results when you search on Google in [TTP opposite].
Is it feeling that discussion is Sakibashi~tsu of not participating in the before you can remember the name?

This is about the continued tariff rate.

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It seems to be very resistant discussion that has been Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement TPP in particular agricultural products and not, to participate in before the APEC. But the real purpose of medical and broadcasting, and is said to be so in the open markets, such as insurance. If you read the agreement of the United States and South Korea TPP also arrangements such as "absorbing it regrettable!", Also whether not a US-Japan Amity commercial treaty of the 21st century version of it has been said in some. Before you can listed to participate opposite of TTP this time, it was put together because tariffs are suffering much in the now imported goods.

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This time, let's summarize the correspondence by the catch-all regulation and practical aspects.
The following is an excerpt from the FAQ of METI site.

Q1 at the time of export but did not correspond to the objective requirements, after export, was newly available to export the cargo, the concern information about the consumer.
Do you hit in this case, illegal export.
A1: It is not hit to the illegal export.

Q2: The document was obtained, etc., and "such as a document that can be obtained" also do is included.
A2: it included not. Be sure to check the objective requirements for documents, etc. that are actually available by the time of export.

"We used to ○○ weapons production," "eventually it will be sent to bypass the ○○ country." At the time of contract I think like the customer to be described in the agreement and or not.
Ordering also to have companies very often are carried out using the WEB and system, it is carried out each time a check of the objective requirements to doing what hundred of ordering day temporally non- Is possible.

How do I support but such a case?

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