BAF and CAF, I what hell I surcharges?

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What "Surcharge (Surcharge)", I think you come out even CM Most recently the travel company.
The surcharge, that of premium Briefly.

Social situation what the price up and down significantly in some, in a different currency to the basic rate, I often claim by utilizing the surcharge system.

Will be also like feel are deceived lightly, but Toka's for example exchange Toka's crude oil, because it would be certainly difficult to absorb the varying widths rapidly like a roller coaster, but rather surcharge of the most rational There may be such to.

Corkscrew Roller Coaster
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Trade practices quote Do you read properly?

In the trading business, there are many things to meet the unique terms of ocean freight in the interaction with the forwarder (forwarding agent) 's.
When you get an invoice or quote, there are a lot of no term of that you have the eyes to until now, are not you embarrassed?
In particular, and if that is the contents check of invoices in accounting, if you encounter someone scene that must be explained to people, but it will not be quite troubled.

This time, let me explain the "BAF" and "CAF" from the terms used in ocean freight.

Ocean freight is basically, to the base rate (basic rate), BAF, surcharges, such as CAF has been constructed by plus.
That as the other surcharges, security costs, cost of when the canal navigation (Suez and Panama), and such as peak-season premium costs ... imposed on the season cargo amount is explosion.

Described expression of estimates and invoices will also change by the company.
For example, it will have this pattern.

  • ① [$ 350 at sea freight is all in] all the surcharges are collectively in bulk
  • ② surcharge a separately, [ocean freight base rate is $ 300, BAF is $ 30, CAF is $ 20]

If collective summary of ①, but it's no difficult, of if you have separately provided the item as ② BAF, CAF is a tune's.

For when you've gone Do not have to explain what kind of charge of the, is the main note! ! ! !

  • BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor) translation: fuel cost adjustment factor

It is the additional fees attached to ocean freight when there is a sharp rise in fuel costs.
It is generally better, such as "Fuel Surcharge" in the case of the flight.
In addition, there can be different name by the route is used.
Even I have never met words, never confused because it is agree with BAF!

[Term with the consent of the name]
BS (Bunker Surcharge)
EBS (Emergency Bunker Surcharge)
EFAF (Emergency Fuel Adjustment Factor)
FAF (Fuel Adjustment Factor), etc.

In general, we have the price is determined by the container units / ton unit.

  • CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor) translation: currency fluctuations adjustment factor

Ocean freight because basically the US dollar is high, it is called a premium to compensate for the loss (foreign exchange gains and losses) of the shipping company against the yen / dollar trend of recent years.
Here it may also different names by route is used.

[Term with the consent of the name]
CS (Currency Surcharge)
YAS (Yen Application Surcharge), etc.

In general, we have the price is determined by the percentage of the basic fare (base rate).

It is a trade practice and that would meet a lot to the anti said abbreviation.
It does not attach to the body immediately, as the trade novice, to me a break! And would it I'm becoming want to say and.

Watore! So, we will tell you an easy-to-understand information on trade practices.
Future please stay tuned.

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