The international combined transport?

by ychiba

The fast After all in the international transport is air transport.
However, I also due to cargo is reality is to say that although flights faster minute high.

It's drawback that take time but cheap contrary to sea transport ....

Please wait But! You do not need to choose only one or the other.

How about if you will anyway if good Tokoro up do?
In international combined transport.

The international combined transport under the integrated system, it is a combination of two or more means of transport.
In that means across the land, sea and air There are four below.

  • Marine transportation = ship
  • Air transport aircraft =
  • Land transportation = railway, trailer

Maritime transport and in the marine, aviation transport in aircraft is fairly common international transportation methods.
And trailers and also for running a road laden with container, or will not there also well enough that I saw by chance?

It might never seen so much railroad, but I have a container transport in such a feeling.

Pacific National diesel electric locomotives NR20 + NR57 + NR112 work a down container freight train pass the tiny railway station at Telerah, NSW Australia.
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License by Express000

And Sea and air that combines the international combined transport maritime transport and air transport, they in a combination of land bridge to transport across the continent plus such as by rail, is actually in exports from Japan have been utilized in this manner .

North America via Europe
Was marine transportation to each port of North America in a ship, it will be transported to the cities of Europe and from there by being transshipped to the aircraft at the nearby airport.

Mini Land Bridge (MLB)
Was marine transportation to the United States of the West Coast in the ship, it is a way to the land transport to the East Coast and across the continent by rail.
If you are a inland city blind is called the Interior Point Intermodal (IPI).

In contrast, if it is transported by only ship on the east coast it is like called all-water (All Water).

America Land Bridge (ALB)
After the mini-land bridge to the east coast of the United States, it is a way to transport again to the second of each harbor transshipment is European to the ship.

However, not only international combined transport is a good thing.
Since the transshipment will be generated multiple times, should not it be forgotten to say that risk of a minute cargo would damage occurs.

Cost, delivery time, in consideration of the balance of such risk, I always want to make such a good Tokoro up in the true sense of the word.

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