The trade term "shed" Do you know? I read the first place?

by ytsuboi

The abrupt question, you "shed" What I read?

What is the word I think you not only opportunities for people of the road.
The world has a variety of professional industries, among them there are not many more technical terms.

This so-called, is a term in the trade.

Recently, received an inquiry like this.

"" Shed "What Do You Read What?"

Writing letters is easy, it's the beginning of the problem is that it can not read at all.

Who contacted the "sheds" and I think he wanted to know what the.
But it is first "Do not read!" I have already started communications from mild irritation he said.

The first correct answer and say this is "shed (or man)" and read.

In everyday I'll unfamiliar words. In school, of course, but it is Koto無I learned? ?

In general, harbor, airport, railway station, etc. that building.
And unloading of cargo, refers to the temporary storage location used.

"What is not What it the same warehouse?"

Some might think that way, it is not strictly a warehouse of being sensitive.

  • There is no wall, there is only on the side or part of the structure is open
  • Only the roof pillars and buildings

This is a general warehouse and "shed" is the difference.

In international logistics, "shed" is that a very important role.

Let's talk about this as an example of air transport.

The airport is located in "shed" is located beside the runway, etc..
Using aircraft in international transportation, the container being used for aviation.


Since the air container is manufactured for each model to fit the shape of the aircraft, and to lighten the weight of the container itself is being made to lower the intensity.

Weak that can not integrated transport between the transport and aviation ground I'll be reduced.
It would have increased the risk of damage to cargo.

Air cargo transportation in this form, when changing to a form suitable for ground transportation, "shed" will do in the refilling of the cargo.

I initially jumped into the world trade, this "same Youya" I remember well was still the boss laughed at and read.
Revived memories of the good, warm feeling to it somehow, I appreciate the inquiry.

May be possible even for such simple questions in this article of trade in the future, we think.

So simple question, What can I from you unexpectedly have a point.
Usually on the run like that, it?

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