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TPP has been actively discussed, but the inevitable at the time of importation to become what the import duties is the HS code.

And What are the HS code?

● the underlying treaty of tariff rate table to determine the tariff rate is the HS Convention. This has been the entry into force in 1988 in what to unify the product classification such as tariff rate table of countries.
● There were four amendments until now. This time of revision item table will be applied from January 1, 2012.

Or Will this time of the revision was carried out from any point of view .......

Among the basic tax rate 7,022, which is defined in the current of the Customs Tariff Law Appendix, about 500 division, integration, abolition.
Of the provisional tax rate 424, which is defined in the current Temporary Tariff Measures Law Appendix, about 50 division, integration, abolition.

There material is at hand on the HS revision of the WCO, but out of the materials for this 23 page,

01 amendments of animal and vegetable product and processed product of up to 24 compounds: 16 pages
4.5 amendments from the 25 class to 38 class page
39 such mainly industrial products of only 3.5 page.

The establishment of 80 such this time HS code through 90 include, but I want to put together to the extent that it can be seen will be given out of print.
However, I do not know and actual tariff rates because materials at hand there is only issue yet of the WCO.
The HS code of 6 digits after the number is unknown. Here is the honest information does not come easily gathered When you are.
Also when such information is not somewhere to go collecting information, you are useless if you do not work anyway.

It is a revision part in WCO stage from the following 80 class up to 90 compounds.

Guy to use when Oh to withstand the rice straw as bait in the abolition 8201.90 fork hand tools ← ranch?
Abolition 8205.90 anvil abolition 8452.90 sewing machine parts. ← or I would do has decreased Te home to have a sewing machine. It is not the inner.
New 8456.89 add new water jet cutting machine 8466.93 8456,89 of parts also add new 8479.71.79.89 ramp? Guy when the new classification ← ride that airplane?
New 8479.90 waterjet Kutch ing machine ← I do not understand this.
New 8507.50-80 nickel battery, and has been lithium battery ← quite fragmented.
New 8523.41 optical media newly subdivided Unrecorded optical media since the blank optical media?
That of abolition 8540.40 CRT display? ← demand I will no longer.
Abolition 8540.79 It seems to be a kind of vacuum tube of the klystron ← microwave oscillation and amplification, but I do not know at all.
But I had Tsu people to import abolition 8714.10 saddle ← this only.
Abolition 9007.10 shooting machine for the movie (for 16mm less than film ← Will it be saved in digital media me now.
Abolition 9008.50 slide projector, what things I do not have import and export only movement ← movement of the microfilm reader abolition 9109.10 watch.
Abolition 9114.90 or would have been used stone ← stone watch parts?
Since the abolition 9301.10 cannon ← 90 class is generally import and export less this is also eliminated as.
Abolition 9305.20 shotgun new 9504.50 video game!
Abolition 9608.30 drafting pen, fountain pen new 9619.00 hygiene towels, sanitary napkins, baby diapers

Above, it is summarized in it is seen range.
Now and is sounding products that are no longer is rarely used, also it has changed HS by newly come out commodity trend of the times, such as.

This seems to be also added Majikon regulation.

※ HS number that becomes the abolition seems to be integrated into Sueko 90 of that section.
Please see the Customs website, etc. detailed materials.

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