The marine insurance?

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In international trade, your important products / cargo will be transported by ship and aircraft.

Please try a little thought!
What danger that can occur in to try and transport to think of it, do not think quite a lot? ?

How can try .... When for example the ship ended up sinking

MSC Napoli 25 Jan 2007
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How can try it ... Once the airplane is missing in Bermuda waters

Decorado de la guerra de los mundos
Attribution-ShareAlike License by Ivi PC

That's right.
To such anxiety and rid, this time let's talk of marine insurance.

Trade is because it is business with foreign countries that such different social and cultural say overseas, from Japan must not forget that always next together with the like can not be expected to risk.

Do you want to eliminate is how doing this anxiety.
... The answer is the "marine insurance".

In today's trade, for protecting the interests of the seller and buyer both at the same time, to be able to carry out trade finance also safely banks, and it is very important to prepare for the risk to be insured for "marine insurance" now it has.

Here, we will briefly describe the basic types of marine insurance!
The following three basic insurance conditions have been adopted in the normal cargo marine insurance.

[Three basic insurance conditions]

1) partial loss non-collateral conditions (FPA / Free from Particular Average)

Large fire, sinking of the ship, ran aground, collision, (part of the loss or damage of cargo) minute loss other than the explosion is not tempo.

2) partial loss collateral conditions (WA / With Average)

1) FPA cover to damage + sea specific minute loss due to danger (such as cargo tide wet damage) is I tempo in the case of more than a certain percentage.

3) all dangerous collateral conditions (all-risk conditions: All Risks)

1) FPA, 2) the risk of addition to cover in WA, fire of cargo, the tempo damage, theft, loss, accidental damage due to external factors such as.

These three things in high demand in the basic insurance conditions, still 3) all dangerous collateral conditions (all risk conditions: All Risks) is it.

Insurance rates is I higher than the other conditions, but the tempo range is wide, and because it's convenient conditions to import and export of such important product.

However, you may note is required! (Although it may also apply to any other insurance contracts)

If it is not damage caused by the danger has been described (collateral risk) to insurance securities (securities that are issued after the insurance contract), insurance is required to be careful because it is not paid.

Damage that is covered by marine insurance will vary depending on the type, status and insurance conditions of the damage. When connecting the insurance contract It is important to choose the combined insurance conditions to the contents of the cargo and transportation!

The term is not known to you!

[Insurance term mouthful memo]

  • "Insured (Fuho)"
  • Since put the insurance is called the "insured".
    Please use like this. → In addition to the fire insurance, it's a peace of mind because earthquake insurance is also insured.

  • "Compensatory I (tempo) to"
  • It says that the "compensatory (tempo) to" that the insurance company will pay the insurance money for damages.

  • "Collateral (Tampo)"
  • When asked as collateral, I think there is a sense that article and exchange in order to perform its obligations, receivables.
    But in the case of insurance, such as the non-collateral if the insurance is not paid at all, you might get to pay points to the collateral,.

  • "Premium rates"
  • It is a measure to calculate the premiums policyholders pay. Insurance premiums to pay this much becomes the higher will also be high.

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