Get to know the current approximate tariff rates before the TPP discussion! (1)

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It seems to be very resistant discussion that has been Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement TPP in particular agricultural products and not, to participate in before the APEC. But the real purpose of medical and broadcasting, and is said to be so in the open markets, such as insurance. If you read the agreement of the United States and South Korea TPP also arrangements such as "absorbing it regrettable!", Also whether not a US-Japan Amity commercial treaty of the 21st century version of it has been said in some. Before you can listed to participate opposite of TTP this time, it was put together because tariffs are suffering much in the now imported goods.

The following is an excerpt from the execution tariff. The following tax rate is "agreement tax rate" when it is imported from WTO member countries. ※ However, food will not be in all of the imported goods the following tax rate because there also be imported in a variety provisional tax rate, such as import quota system. First beef from meat
  • Refrigeration 50%
  • Frozen 50%
  • Offal 12.8%
  • Salted, smoked finished 8.5%
  • Preparations 21.3%
  • Ushishita 12.8%
  • 361 yen / kg
Sheep, goat meat
  • Duty-free
Exotic meat even of ions and Seiyu such as mass merchandisers now but it is cheaper ones more than domestic. It will hell become much if you if can import duty-free. followed by chicken
  • Chicken 11.9%
  • With bone 8.5%
  • Turkey 3%
  • Fish 3.5%
  • Herring 8.4%
  • Crab 4%
  • Shrimp 4%
I fish is low in comparison to the other. Dairy products
  • Milk 25% to 35%
  • Butter 25% to 35%
  • Yogurt 25% to 35%
  • Cheese 29.8%
  • Honey 25.5%
It dairy products is also high.

This time up here. In this way the specific foods have been multiplied by the high tax rate. If this is residual values ​​decrease tax rate by participating in the TPP, or will not there is a large benefit to the general consumer. In addition, there is also a way of thinking that the participating export also spread, that. However, I think in March 11 later this year, the perspective of Japanese food from overseas has changed? Rather those of imported goods might even talk about safety.

Next time I'll try summarizes the grain (wheat, rice) vegetables.


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