10 points of called safe is better that such overseas manufacturers have avoided

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... That we have also many manufacturers and relationship failure ever.

And because I Is there even when communicate is difficult even in the same Japanese to each other, the word is perhaps a natural if there is a collision, rather also be different overseas manufacturers habit.

Well, since there is also a possibility to say that unilateral prejudice from here too, but please bear in the reference level.

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Point 1. As soon as there is no problem and say overseas manufacturers

What not most Japanese than which it came across to this "problem no problem"?

What it even listening to, Toka immediately "no problem", it is not "it also there can also be" or to say the thing?

And I want refused to say difficult for other manufacturers, when it is profusely easily consent to much say ..., the results, such as is the case to say that after all a waste of time many "uh-oh?" You mind.

Point 2. Overseas manufacturers of claims 0

A simple question for assess the overseas manufacturers, and say, "Have you come any complaint ever?" You feel quite valid.

Where "all claim to until now was that there is no to come." And shocking answer to say is ..., actually I will come back very well!

Commodity to say that 100 percent perfect, you may want to say that little in the world unfortunately.
So the claim is of say 0, then what do not find is, what not be said to be just not noticed?

Also perhaps there is a problem for those who tell the Maybe claim.
Buyers we've given up the claim and because quite troublesome also Will're fine.
Because even enough in returned goods correspondence happening bad in Europe and the United States, to the case from the sale site that does not come up the claim is most of the way.

But, now it is sad that if the manufacturers have gone misunderstood.

The voice of important raw called the claim, there is no too undue importance and is not to listen actively.
It claims it is painful thing to hear, but there is something a large hint of quality improvement and the next item is hidden.

If you want long-term sell the maximum amount, to say that it continues to hear the claims in order to increase customer satisfaction and believe that's commonplace attitude.

Point 3. Overseas manufacturers that do not show me profusely

The point of when you visit such as offices and factories.

In order to consider the possibility of goods, Is not after all the samples you want to see?
All the way even come from abroad, it is not me to prepare the sample, you may say that it is not show me in excuse.
Special items of Toka's Exclusive might be so, but it is a story in the course otherwise. (Maybe not finished!?)

Where you say yes, or no wonder the bulletin, there is a common point to say or older to even.

Experience, good manufacturer will show me with confidence. And I want to show because there is confidence in I can not be helped!

Of course, there is also a place that does not show me in part, but it is obvious story.

Point 4. Overseas manufacturers that do not last long with trading partners

Well, there are times when it is described as "had been sold to major Japanese ×××.".
To say that the past and present customers, you should Kurere tell me I think that it has become a major material of judgment.

However, that attention must be paid here to the contrary, say that it "had been ....", It is to say it's historical fact.
If it luck or a properly described what was in the stop, you may be judged depending on its contents.

There is always a reason to customers has stopped trading.
Is it such because caused a serious quality problem, frequently what stung the anaerobic and causing delivery delays..., Whether such because I found a better Toka cheap manufacturers in the way of customer ....

And, if it is "... to have." And say than taught me the current information, but is thankfully as a determination material, businesslike manufacturers both to downplay the relationship with existing customers for business expansion If it is determined that would be good.

Point 5. Financial position is bad overseas manufacturers

This is and to simply direct hearing to the manufacturer, there are two and a way to get examined third-party organization.

It is easiest to hear directly, but it does not say anything that credibility.
If you get examined third-party organization, considerable cost of about 10 million yen will be generated.

However, whether there is no risk of bankruptcy at least the place you want to know absolutely.
Since we want to aim a long business and if anyway, you can not turn off the start with confidence If you do not know this.

Point 6. Overseas manufacturers that do not really know the market information

Do not know the specific market information such as the Japanese market might be there is no way, but it is careful to not know too market information manufacturer.

Do not know the competition, such of, "out of the manufacturers, product is No.1 in the world!" You can come in contact with grounds to say in the absence of strong attitude.
The management of the maker of techie have this tendency.
There is no market in thought, it can not only technology real intention of products out thinking.

Even if the question you say, "What is terrible?", Because it is not compared to other irrelevant answer can only be expected.
In such manufacturer, product development in line with the market trend in the future would not be able to expect.

Point 7. Infamous overseas manufacturers in the field

Because in some cases you are Ia~tsu ill to each other, I do not know whether to say bad things about from competitors will rely far.

But subcontractors such and if possible talk to or can hear the really interesting realistic story.
Toka payment of money has become slow, Toka personnel change Colo, Maybe you quit many workers, bite Toka and ... immediately the design.

Point 8. Overseas manufacturers boss does not come out

If the "our candidate" came from abroad, people above the usual personnel, people in the top positions of the basic in situ it is expected to come in greeting.

There is no should not interested in a chance to get to buy any manufacturer.
But if the reason does not come there is no boss, and whether a culture that is not respected, it may be better that I thought lurking risk that disturbed organization.

In the case of such foreign manufacturers, content that has been talking with the person in charge is the careful because there is a 180 ° that suddenly is turned over from the boss.

Point 9. Only Japanese is good overseas manufacturers

Still or opponent is easy ... to speak Japanese?
I feel a very cruel a way to expect an ordinary Japanese to foreigners.

Japanese is in a roundabout way, and is the mass of ambiguous expression.
So I think that it is not suitable to communicate business.
Japanese that the more ambiguous word is used when you do not know, is very useful when you want to obscure.

Japanese is to the opponent a conversation with not speak only a little, you frustration accumulate as long as it is a business. (Since it is not without a private to.)
No matter how poor, those who spoke in English of Yes / No is assumed to do much more smoothly things carry.

The person Japanese is fluent in reverse is what is not good professional business story of.

To say certainly all can be genius will exist.
But in the same way as the study, either though this subject is good, would not a normal human being to say that subjects with bad?

Point 10. overseas manufacturers to immediately say, "... because it is a friend."

And though not even one hour to meet "you and me because it is a friend," There are people who say that.
People say so often, I say both "I have many Japanese friends."

"I am with you friends," "me and that person also friends", it is better to have the attention to the people you are going Susumeyo work in strange syllogism that says "all okay because it is between friends."
Such "friends" is what you want rounded up early work to say that going out for a drink soon.

Friendly's is I appreciate to is important, but ..., it is better that you care.

And..., It can also feel like there are many prejudices, but I hope to reference even one.


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