Or anxiety trade insurance to the elimination of the export business is how?

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Letters of credit (L / C) does not attach anxiety in the export business even in the settlement.

Can I stop the export business because you're anxious?

As long as it start from now, but it will be even if the

Problem is there you!

To say that because there is a risk, but it is not export business is stopped that so easily already begun?

While initially aware of the risk, it might have been a Okkanabikkuri work and turned a blind eye.
But it will be some day get used to such a situation, than have forgotten the fear of risk itself? ?

... Again, I'm However, unexploded ordnance say that risk but it is very you happen to explode at any chance.

Such you is a must.

Ignition ii
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Another article in, I had to introduce actually had dangerous case.

There was to have been denied the purchase of letters of credit (L / C), which was received from the Bank of Japan from certain country. Letters of credit (L / C) of the issuing country economy has significantly deteriorated, it the country of foreign currency was on the bottom.
You will not be able to have the receipt of the order price, ... that was recovered at the trade insurance.

What's called this "trade insurance", Did you know?

Trade insurance is insurance against risk on trading.
Cargo export, etc., that the loss or damage by the danger associated with the voyage, and marine insurance to cover losses arising as a cause a different nature.
(→ For marine insurance this article please look too!)

Depending on the customer countries, it is one of worry about war and economic crisis.
The above experience stories also, we can say that accident was caused by the country's economic situation.

Or it may not be in such and large it was a situation, the bankruptcy of simply exporting country of the buyer (buyer) I'm a big concern?

The risk is still insurance.
Such a risk is, I can be covered by trade insurance.

As an example of trade insurance there is something like this.

  • After it has signed an export contract, etc., for more than three months of debt delay from the settlement deadline
  • Bankruptcy or other buyers

Trade insurance is to me tempo the loss of such cases (tempo).
Without any limit on the settlement method, it is of us to cover in T / T remittance not only the L / C settlement!

Trade insurance, the fact that basically deals with the breach of contract the buyer has become a base.

In other words, if you can not export price recovery settlement deadline for more than three months from the buyer, I insurance company is willing to pay for insurance as insurance accidents due obligations delay of buyers.

Previously, we've seen many a variety of procedures and risk management to say the trading company conducts cases relating to exports.

In recent years it has been more and more people to the trade directly.
It is many people complicated export practices are outsourcing in the middle.
However, be referred to the direct transactions yourself, is a translation also risk management has become an important matter must be was myself.

Explosion of risk that is not over even think would make you become a naught in the one-shot efforts until now.

To not do so, insurance costs related to risk management, who had been incorporated into the costing from the beginning as a necessary expense, I think you can be that business with confidence.

In your bright export business plan, trade insurance, please try to consider all means.

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