Easy Way to meet with multiple overseas manufacturers in the country

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Even Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the country say do the small exhibition of their own country, and there mom.

But here I would like to propose a different way.

In the country of exhibitions in recent years, also participating exhibitors certainly from overseas if accustomed to things big.
So if you want to meet with overseas manufacturers, it is of enough just go to the domestic exhibition.

But ... what would recruit only unexpectedly unpleasant thoughts If you do not know some of the points.

So, here we will explained measures point and its trend.

There is a certain scale the exhibition site as long as it is a exhibition on the internet, prior to the exhibitors and from overseas, you can see the like booth layout.

The more exhibitors from abroad, is a readjustment "Taiwan Pavilion", Toka's "Oceania Booth", by Toka's "European Countries", it is common that the booth layout is at the center of the country area.

It is to travel the area, the Petit overseas you should.

Of course, but it means that not only exhibitors that are based on the theme that there Since it is exhibition, it is not it easy to find the merchandise you're looking pretty.
When the booth layout has been cause for each area, so not the every commodity classification that to find the corresponding overseas manufacturers in one after another I of none.

But, since anyway not many so much, here is let's walk from end to patiently end in treasure hunting mood.

You do not may Meguriaeru a good encounter unexpected if so.

  • Do you speak English?
  • What about Chinese?

It is occasionally, but you or there is just a booth people who do not speak only only local native language to that strange .... (Exhibitors from mainland China will have this tendency)

English is used as the common language also speak not, only Chinese, and speak not even Japanese.
In such times gracefully, let's give up and got the only catalog. (The thing there is no catalog only place to say so, but ....)

Well, products nor interesting, because it is anxiety the future of communications in any case, it is better overseas manufacturers that gave up after all that say so.

To have come to Japan to pay high money after, why you say that there is no motivation, overseas manufacturers that are just very unfriendly a chat.
Since this is also likely to later unpleasant feelings, those who gave up gracefully would be efficient. (It might be so also merchandise, Yappa company is human resources!)

Chinese exhibition company, but around you eat well lunch at the booth noon, it is basically okay to talk normally to. (Especially without any mean to say that during the break, is like there is a habit to spend efficiently)

The first point of!

Although the exhibition is not well during, and there can very well overseas manufacturers have an interesting commodity.
So got certainly as long as I get the catalog, is passed through a quick eye on the fly, let's add a habit to deduce the possibility of the exhibitors in my own.

And if you are looking for a specific merchandise, we will talk to not give up without fail one after another to "rely on the smell."

Here, the second point of!

"Are you doing ×××?" And I asked, "We are also doing it. Actually there also which is also doing." And gender as a business that would answer.
Since it came to overseas, and I will somehow be to aggressive of the business say that want to go back to have the inquiries seen, but such a reply always must be ascertained to calm yourself.

Finally third of Important points!

"I later e-mail." Or it "sends a return as soon as the sample." To the conventional phrase to say, please earnestly careful.
Since the exhibitors I take home while a mix of a number of information other than work overseas business trip, if you is not remember the tightly, and forget each other cleanly, resulting in the unexpected business opportunities much trouble - Since it to say ... I had quite.

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