Efficient and to consult from the exhibition hall if you wanted to examine the exhibition

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I think you countless What overseas exhibition.

Did you hear about the exhibition you how?
Toka's referrals from acquaintances, Toka's invitation from a known customer, to say the organizers of the ad or not a photon?

But when's it, I think you will surely out bias.

If you know the efficient examined how, it makes you all the exhibition to be able to find in one after another to want to visit.

The trick is I look frankly..., From the exhibition hall!
Exhibition can not be held if there is no box thing to say and exhibition venue.
The recent exhibition hall of the site, such as exhibitions of schedule and exhibitors list, you out there want information has been condensed.

Brussels Centennial Halls.
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License by VHfc

In fact, in each of the country, is so much to say that major exhibition venue does not exist.
And because I mean you want to invite visitors from abroad, the exhibition not only the venue of the facility, but traffic's Toka Hotel Toka it because the corresponding infrastructure is being requested.

So here it will become the center of Southeast Asia, but leave the list at once to say a major exhibition venue in the country.



※ is the HKCEC Hong Kong still China's main exhibition of.
※ Canton Fair will be held in China Commodity Fair Exhibition Hall.


※ ICT related famous COMPUTEX will be held in the TWTC.

South Korea

※ It is a situation that said two strong of COEX and KINTEX.
※ KES (Korea Electronics Show) will be held at KINTEX.



※ largest CES in ICT-related (Consumer Electronics Show) will be held in the LVCC.


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※ largest CeBIT will be held in the ICT-related.

How is it?
Or exhibition you want your go found? ?

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