When round the tips of seven international exhibitions

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Also round the exhibition abroad, may end in futility and would just walk around blindly.

Exhibition Hall img_0085 img_0087

The venue is spacious, with hundreds of booths, I would be exhausted and so crowded.

So here is the first person in Wakari易Ku, I'll show you seven tips that say about those experiences?

Tips 1) Never be the pre-registration

Most of the exhibition can be registered with the Internet in advance.
Or sent by mail will come to the registration and admission badge.
If this does not pre-registered, long lines by day or Ikenakatsu, can not benefit from the benefits such as coupons.
(The coupon with a free ticket or if you need to move a train or bus, or have coffee with light snacks and complimentary tickets.)
(Even if you pre-register, to forget this in fairly hectic, often frustrating to feel.)
And pre-registered, with the admission badge Hopefully, the day just to get the badge holders near the entrance, I can enter in the quick.
(Badge holder or have been distributed around the entrance, or should I just take it without permission for such things Gossori contained in the cabinet.)

2 tips) and the early hours after the opening day, just before closing time on the last day late to avoid

If I go to see, strangely foreign exhibitors and why it does not seem to keen.

Immediately after the opening at all the booths and have not been yet, less eager to stand ready and hurry back in the afternoon and your last day.

Or is not yet come that morning, even China and Japan is also often that they return late.
Memoru must then come out, "Oh-Oh, 来Naku tea later.", And became a jumble in my head and this is repeated, and the legs become like a stick is.
(And often give up after all.)

3 tips) with a bag, dare not go

This is seemingly a matter of taste, the exhibition is the one that distributes a variety of bags.
Are you giving away advertising for companies such as holding exhibitions and exhibitors.
Also serves as a souvenir so much trouble (!) Is available and convenient to use. Conversely, in the way will either become quite my bag and two.

I have been writing instruments have been distributed, it is probably much better to put it in your pocket I took.

Tips # 4) First day to carefully check the floor plan

Which is the case in the exhibition, it is useful to you and say all is not possible booth near.
Even if I clean every corner to see the whole can also run out of time, often and would say things that did not spare even if your stamina also spare time.
International exhibitions, so crowded that many buyers gathered from around the world forced to 歩Kazaru long distance absolutely irregular and meandering pace.
First locate your area to go around, so there is no leakage from one end to it, come up with a plan like the rest round the time and if Amare and stamina.

Of course, I can also be studying the floor plans on the Internet before, and I plan to be up more realistic look at the situation from the actual location and traffic too.

Tips # 5) will take a large number of cards per box

In the exhibition is not a goal of collecting samples and information opportunities, business cards are absolutely essential.
Most exhibitors will give you a sample instead of a catalog or to request a business card comes to you.
This is why a card much as should have.
(Well, I say may be the excuse is gone and distributing business cards too).
Of course, I'll cards are also opportunities is an absolute necessity.

Tips Part 6) does not receive unwanted catalogs and samples

I have experience and are, to say the paper is surprisingly heavy.
I'm tired but even just walking, are tired of carrying around one more unnecessary nonsense.
And also it has received the samples and catalogs, business cards 下Saida Toka, I would have been taken involuntarily in time to hear the story a little 下Saida Toka.
Unnecessary in a gentlemanly gesture and smile and say so, politely word "No, thanks" and say it.
The trouble is surprising, such as selection of catalogs needed later.
Unnecessary things for nothing and still is the best way.

But since it is doing much trouble, too much attention is Morawana!

Tips Part 7), all you need is always in place to complete

This is the most important thing.

The international exhibition came up for what you do anyway?
I came up from the local long-awaited, and I'll not go back in halfway?
In the modest greeting, "We got the catalog, and it was fine after I make the contact by telephone or email from the back." What, do not think that sweet? ?

Exhibitors daily during the contact with hundreds of thousands of visitors.
Only you are special, but they do not get too caught and I absolutely do not remember? ?

"Discuss in detail later with the conditions." Or, "Send a sample immediately after you have finished the exhibition." Unfortunately as a promise that may attach to various commitments Toka Exhibitors who are taking action truth is very few.

Opponent when you hear Did you take notes properly?

Even taking notes, such notes are to become the mountain during the exhibition.
Overseas exhibitions are usually a few in a row have been, in the exhibit is there's also quite harsh schedule Chan said to exhibit in another country with the exhibition Once .
You buried the promise with you in the promise in many different partners, after returning it yourself will be busy filling the job while you are away, things tend to slow down quite The discrepancy between the priority of both is natural place like, say forget it clean break both in the worst case over time is the possible?

"That being said, and it is also a professional person." Believed you, "I do not deal with such person" Haari The idea that I think can say is, if the well is still here. If you do not talk does not proceed.

If you really need as well as a sample, it is recommended that negotiations to take away even a little aggressive on the spot!

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