Central Asia for the Russian market and new transport service started Nippon Express

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Nippon Express has announced that it has started February 6, the Riga harbor light oil Russia and Central Asia for integrated transport services Latvia countries from January. In the Riga port with a long history as a port of discharge to Russia and Central Asia, Portek Company, which owned the Nippon Express, and operates a Riga Universal Terminal (RUT), it offers a flexible and high quality of service. The conducted trials transported using RUT, as compared with the transport service through the conventional St. Petersburg harbor, the transport number of days shortened to about 5% of the costs and four days to five days that is possible is confirmed from, Portek company, Europe Nippon Express, in cooperation of South Asia and Oceania Nippon Express, It seems that we have developed an integrated transport service using the same terminal. As benefits via Riga port, shortening of the transport number of days fare and port storage charges a competitive to Moscow south region, because of the ice-free port, Rumata that can ensure a stable schedule even in winter, the port congestion less, by an electronic system provide speedy bonded transfer service, we cited to provide a flexible and high quality of services by Portek company.

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