The world's largest container cargo ship "CSCL Globe" is completed

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China In Shipping Container Lines stacking amount that has been built is underway at Hyundai Heavy Industries in response to the order of (CSCL), the world's largest container cargo ship "CSCL Globe" is complete, apart from China's Tianjin Port virgin It seems to have a sail on the voyage. CSCL Globe becomes one with the full-length 400 meters, the size of the width 58.6 meters soccer field four planes worth more than, container loading number in 19,000TEU, I exceed the 18,340TEU of Maersk Triple E class was the largest the world up to now 3.6% It seems to have become a thing. This time, CSCL Globe that it was able to celebrate the maiden voyage becomes a five ships building that flies the ship of the same type ship, which is scheduled, CSCL Globe automatically fuel consumption in accordance with the state of the navigation speed and the sea of ​​ship The By mounting such as the ability to adjust, also have features such as to allow to improve the fuel efficiency of 20% as compared with the conventional container cargo ship.

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