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In recent years seems to shortage of truck industry has been noticeable. The phrase skilled in the Saitama Prefecture, it is so had continued to Zosha like to buy even after 4-ton truck to buy two heavy-duty trucks in early last year. However, of the two drivers was it after another got the leaving at the end of the year. Although busy season is likely did not fall in panic it seemed to me had somehow, but then so busy season was ending and I quit at the same time it was recruiting reaction or no, this remains in the far from the adoption situation When followed by a state of shortage is previously Asobase the track, the track can not be used to the time being now determined that it is also difficult to maintain is far from increasing the car was a decision to be become runaway expenses and not to dispose of cash That's right. On the other hand, faced the 40 trucks Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture transport company also does not leak to the example, things that suffer from lack of drivers from around the end of last year. In the young story who left recently, but the work's natural early morning of departure, this "is the earliest so much in the morning (I) do not can fire the son" from the driver of the parent by the, the claim is entered from the driver of the parent It was yes. The background of the shortage seems to be the presence of a monster pair Lenz.

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