Divergence in North America west coast labor negotiations parties "inventory accumulation is realistic" claims, also negotiating difficulties

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For the current labor agreement with the employers 'organizations PMA and North American west coast port workers' organizations ILWU is to expire in 2014 the end of June, the possibility of such west coast port strike and cargo handling pace down since April that negotiations be started greatly Possible and has been attracting attention.
Has been renewed every six years and this is the labor negotiations, but the West Bank in the harbor, seen many cases where the past of labor negotiations to difficulties, as a result of negotiations in 2002 was entangled finally in the United States west coast 29 harbor closure and develop until the situation is, large damage that was given to the supply chain, port closure finally Taft - it seems to have followed until it is released by a presidential decree based on the Hartley Act. In addition, in the renewal negotiations in 2008, strike what it did not occur, it is so port processing capacity has be affected, such as significantly reduced by the slow-down tactics of the union side.
Meanwhile, it is has become the issue in this year's negotiations, not only confrontation over the mechanization and occupational ensure, it seems to have also noted taxation issue to the expensive insurance in the medical insurance system reform (Obamakea). These problems also become a big issue in the labor negotiations in the east coast port of two years ago, negotiations tentatively extended across from difficulties the agreement twice, there is a history that was to avoid the strike. And the user side that want to advance the headcount reduction in mechanization, and in the large gap of claims union listed the workplace secure, not only the difficulty of the negotiations, it seems no less concern about the logistics confusion due to strike. Strike seems a rate of over Canada, such as the east coast port via and Vancouver as the exchange rate when that occurred, but it seems the room actually be accepted suddenly a large amount of cargo to have been limited. Movement provided in these strike does not seem yet noticeable, but shipping companies and shippers officials have been pointed out as "Realistically, in advance or can only keep increasing piling inventory dont workaround" health insurance of the ILWU's user side is to bear, but are expected difficulty of consultations at the expense totaled 150 million is reached and it estimated to have burden method of this cost to $ generated by the new tax You.
The period of from the PMA side new labor agreement, as three years of valid until this time only in 2017, it seems out of a move to consider taking up the issue at its next renewal negotiations, the first PMA and ILWU labor negotiations times eyes has been the appointment on April 1, but there are many voices to be expected that "the possibility to smoothly conclusion is unlikely." from the shipping company and the North American railway officials. If even if can conclude the new agreement before the expiration, negotiations tangle until the last minute, there is the possibility of perspective is also "strike occurs in the cargo owners side in most of the inevitable at least cargo handling slow delay of logistics-down as to have "seen as get, voice has been heard.

The One possible measures that can be taken specifically in this negotiation,
(1) I advance buildup inventory
(2) This year we want to use the Port of Vancouver and Prince harbor part of Canada that is not made renewal negotiations
(3) three is I is mainly thought to use the North American east coast route.

That said, if if was a strike actually occurs, it is something which is unlikely to be switched smoothly to the root of the via or via the east coast of Canada.
Both routes, capacity to take on new cargo in addition to the current cargo is limited, also take measures as shipping companies and railway companies have been limited if you had actually strike occurs. According to the Canadian railway company officials, from the "strike has occurred, if to consider the Canada route in preparation for the impossible. Strike of a large amount of cargo undertake Kitara was at once shift, the utilization results from this stage It is said it has been pointed out it would not be difficult "to make the correspondence in the event of an emergency If you do not make a certain extent.
As a practical measure for this purpose, there is no choice but to correspond with buildup inventory before the problem occurs. Seems to be the view of the shipping companies and shippers is that.
For now noticeable movement of the Na shipment of preparation for the strike increases it seems not visible, but the expected such a move "might come out gradually since March" is also a shipping company officials It seems to be.


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