North American west coast strike information (follow-up)

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It is a follow-up of the North American west coast strike information. Pacific Maritime of the US west coast port employers' organizations

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Association (PMA) is over 6 days (gold) from the night shift on weekends (Saturday and Sunday), is a pattern that has stopped the ship cargo handling (fried-loading) in Los Angeles-Long Beach harbor. When depends on the PMA, by the slow down of the ILWU union members, cargo handling efficiency is worse, as it was considered not be able to continue to pay the holiday allowance to the work that has fallen of productivity, all the cargo handling work from noon shift 9 Monday it seems to want to resume. Until now seems to have been reduced fried loading and unloading of container residence reason to container ship the yard, the North American west coast port union (ILWU) is 5 days, fight back with a photo and the capacity to many terminal there, negotiations The is so has accused that it is the media attack by PMA of order to be advantageous. In addition, the North American west coast various Port at 6 (gold), 18 vessels in the Port of Los Angeles, 14 boats in Auckland harbor, Port of Tacoma to seven ships and 40 ships about container ship is moored, 8th (Sunday) morning Los Angeles Port of Long Beach is about 20 vessels at the time, seven ships in the Port of Tacoma will have been reported to be moored.

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