North American west coast strike information (follow-up)

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Is the North American west coast strike information follow-up. In labor agreement revision negotiated by the North American west coast port union (ILWU) and the employers' organizations (PMA), I was tentative agreement on the health insurance issue, which has been in dispute. North American west coast port labor negotiations that were started from May 12th, wages, mechanization, can not be agreed within the time limit of occupational until another health insurance problem but this year July 1 had become a major controversy of the issue, negotiations temporarily suspended for another negotiation ILWU is, but was resumed after entering in August, is progress was not clear. Health insurance problem in insurance premiums per capita from 2018 is (except ophthalmic and dental) $ 10,200 or more per year, or insurance premiums per family per year 20 000 7,000 dollars or more, Cadillac Health Care Plan (luxury it intended to 40 percent tax on the excess to be certified as insurance), who has a new cost by taxation has become a issue. Therefore, as three years rather than six years the validity period of the new agreement in the negotiations (2014- 2017), is also still strong view that to put off the problem. This information is intended to on the 26th (local time) ILWU and PMA announced as a joint statement, does not have such detailed conditions are revealed, was a step forward towards the resolution.

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