Leverage Nissin Co. UHF band RFID in returnable container management

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Mars Token Solutions, Inc. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), the company has introduced to the "large returnable container management system," the international distributor of Nissin (Yokohama Naka-ku) in the UHF band IC tag developed, examples on the web site I was released. Nissin Corporation, is changing the shipping container to folding, as "returnable containers" that can be used repeatedly, aimed at reduction of care and transportation costs to the environment. The one for the purpose of location management of containers thoroughly from the shipping to the collection, is adopted UHF band IC tag was bound to solve problems. Nisshin Co. ever is loaded on the pallet is put products into cardboard and had been transported to the destination, cardboard many cases used in one-way, delivery after it is generally discarded, pallet transport costs are piling up for the recovery, also, replenishment of missing that became palette also become a significant cost burden, it had become a challenge facing the head.

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