Japan to North America SC fare level to last year rise! Also cargo movement strong negotiating prolonged

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by ychiba

SC from Japan to North America (service contract) renewal negotiations, but the center of the negotiations currently mainly shipping companies and the actual shipper, so far fare level seems to be a prospect to be higher than last year.

In contrast to Europe, North America cargo movements have remained firm against the background of the strong recovery the first time in the US economy, last year, not only say that achieving this bottom-up about the agreement that was concluded at a low level, overall price increases Keynote has intensified.

Especially for inland for cargo mainstay in Japan to be heard also the voice of "almost no one that last year the same level maintenance, is expected to rise almost without exception" (shipping company officials).

Since the shipping company side of the price increase attitude is strong, negotiations but we also show aspects of the protracted, sign in now shipping companies to compromise in the fare level of the same as last year is not seen too much.

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