Harbor shipping container joint use (Saitama Prefecture)

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And importers to receive the luggage from the harbor, the exporter you want to send the goods to the port, and will let you use one of the shipping container jointly, Saitama Prefecture, has embarked on a matching of suppliers to each other. That's right container to reduce the effect of empty load in waste is reduced to carry transportation costs and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions can be expected. In Saitama Prefecture of efforts, importers after unloading the luggage laden to the container, rather than return the empty cargo containers in the harbor, turn to exporters. By using a single container trader of export and import one by one way, it is so save the trouble and cost of round-trip of the harbor with an empty load of the state. Harbor in Saitama Prefecture is not, but many of the import and export companies have put the base of logistics from the fact that transportation networks, such as highways and bullet train has been developed. Although container back and forth within the prefecture and the Keihin Port (Tokyo, Kawasaki and Yokohama) was four hundred thousand units in 2008, '13 it seems to have increased to six hundred and eighty thousand units. In addition, Saitama Prefecture By system of the joint use of containers, as well as boost the cost reduction of local companies, is allowed to further improve the brand power of the province as a logistics hub, and want to be connected to, such as attracting new companies That's right there.

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