The action plan on labor shortage fiscal year in the logistics industry

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Amid labor shortage, etc. that cargo movement has become active in the logistics industry, such as a cargo truck is a major challenge, in this fiscal year a concrete action plan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport towards the efficiency of employment promotion and distribution of young people It is now to be combined into. The review meeting to discuss the labor shortage measures of the logistics industry, which was held in one day, from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and that the driver is missing from that cargo movement along with the gradual recovery of the economy has become more active and, the proportion of less than 30 years of age who work in the trucking industry remains in approximately 10%, has been reported and that aging is progressing. That basis the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, in order to solve the labor shortage, women and making the guidance towards the development of comfortable working environment, seems to have recommended the like to open an internship for the students in the logistics industry. In addition, and to take advantage of the place rail and ship to track towards the efficiency of logistics, we have the need to promote the joint delivery that carry it put the products of multiple companies at the same track. Future in the review meeting, to advance the debate about the labor shortage measures, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has decided to put together an action plan that incorporates specific measures and numerical targets in the light of the indications in this fiscal year.

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