(Sequel) North American west coast port labor strike information

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Has deepened labor and management of the disagreement over the responsibility of the North American west coast of the port congestion, the North American west coast port union (ILWU) by cargo handling slogan is Seattle, Tacoma, LA, spread to Auckland harbor from LB, collective agreement revision negotiations last weekend but it has been continued until 10 days have been noticed immediate whereabouts while it is deadlocked. Auckland harbor protest so that union members who from the weekend of 8 to 9 but had escaped the only confusion is to make sure all large nut In response to that failure has occurred in the cargo handling crisis unit in the West Bank major ports, slow down It seems to have occurred. In addition, self-employed tracker of Los Angeles Port of Long Beach has also showed poised re-strike. It is still progress despite truck driver and truck company three companies provided the freeze period is seen in the persuasion of it is I was out the requested list to track company LA mayor to recognition as an employee of the self-employed trackers to this year July strike starting time for not making it the undecided.

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