Useful examples of the trade of running processes (operational phase)

Here we introduce the six Useful examples in the running process in the import business (operational phase) is.

Each is a single service, you are actually for your cooperation in the form of a combination of some of them.

1. Import buying agent services

img03_1_1_41 This is the simple most, what not in and most Imagine easy process?

Even just this simple visible process, and offers benefits such as the following.

  • Contact centralized = overseas manufacturers, freight forwarder, contact to the domestic logistics skilled in the art will be like can centrally manage, control since come and go of the contact is simply much easier
  • Centralized = multiple sites of multiple payee is centralized is different payee, accounting effort is greatly reduced
  • From the general L / C or prepayment by relaxation = trade of payment site, also reduces arrears financing burden it becomes such as the normal domestic trade
  • Payment of in yen value = avoidance of risk due to exchange rate fluctuations, as well as each time cost eliminates the need for tedious, to say different from the

Even between in-house, or I never felt the need to cooperation with the accounting department and trade department?
Is simplified as domestic suppliers, is a big point also become so established is simple calculation to say that one much.

2. Consolidation Service

img03_1_1_5 A small LCL cargo abroad, it is a service that consolidation in the container unit.

1 above. In addition to the services of benefit, not only cost benefits, also it makes it easier to cargo tracking.

3. Screening Service

img03_1_1_6 Whether the most headaches is not of defective problem in import business?

Watore! In after inspection, it is a service that delivers the only non-defective ordered.
Defective goods it will return after the description of the contents, to quickly import source.

If also a commodity that there is legislation, confirmation of whether it is in compliance in each lot strict obligations of importers.

Maybe in would be so, is becoming not allowed even on compliance.

To say that the chance to check the imported goods too late from gone happening to say that it is very important, please do not forget absolutely anyway.

4. Import JIT service

img03_1_1_7 Imports certainly unit price is cheap I, such as a large minimum order quantity, once the import those higher quantity.
Because feet long and not only that, since they must be the order a few months ago, compared with domestic transactions, the control will be very difficult.

Balance between the most recent demand a collapse tend to, not only the stock value is swell, do not you storage space has been experiencing a pinch say would have been squeezed?

Based on the unofficial orders from you, and say to delivery only the quantity necessary when needed, and offers a convenient just-in-time.

5. Export Import Service

img03_1_1_8 It hard to get overseas, why not there are times when it is necessary to Japan own special or high reliability of the member?
Or house Did not you say that you want to use a member produced in the country?

They export from the purchase of Japanese-made member, and it is the service that you want to deliver by importing finished products has been incorporated.

※ following services also is the same solution to the same worries.

6. Assembly processing services

img03_1_1_81 The above 5 as the solution. This is the same as the service.
The thing here that was imported as semi-finished products, it is a service that delivered as a finished product is assembled in the country.

On the consultation of the characteristics of the product, and offers either efficient services.

Partners in the running process

Watore! Unique and the inspection of imported goods and secondary work, we heard and storage business.
In order to accomplish the total required SCM efficiently, we have our cooperation in valuable partners like the following.

Purchasing process
  • Payment = domestic banks, overseas banks
  • Cargo insurance = insurance company
Production process
  • Production = overseas manufacturers
Import process
  • Import transport = shipping companies, airlines
  • Customs clearance = freight forwarder suppliers
  • Other = Courier (courier) suppliers
Domestic distribution
  • Large transport = track suppliers
  • Small transport = courier

Conversely, a number of cooperation necessary in this way to be able to centrally manage it is becoming a selling point of Watore!
We are not tangled in the buying and selling of goods, trade agency services here

Case in the initial process (introduction stage) is here
In the initial introduction stage here, excavation of merchandise, describes the help you, such as commercial distribution of the adjustment of the manufacturer.

Case in after-sales service (maintenance process) is here
I do not believe that the end Once you have delivered the goods in Watore. Here we describe the important after-sales service in order to produce a repeat.

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