In previous blog Incoterms 2000 we tried together, because last year "Incoterms 2010" came into effect, this time let's collectively this. The link Incoterms (INCOTERMS)? Decreased from this Incoterm trade conditions (three alphabetical characters) in the revised conventional 13 to 11, trade conditions of the 11 has been roughly classified into two. 20080914_haneda_4364_w800
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In international trade, your important products / cargo will be transported by ship and aircraft.

Please try a little thought!
What danger that can occur in to try and transport to think of it, do not think quite a lot? ?

How can try .... When for example the ship ended up sinking

MSC Napoli 25 Jan 2007
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License by Gazzat

How can try it ... Once the airplane is missing in Bermuda waters

Decorado de la guerra de los mundos
Attribution-ShareAlike License by Ivi PC

That's right.
To such anxiety and rid, this time let's talk of marine insurance.
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Although it is sudden question, do you read me "shed"?

I know there is no word of the opportunity that only human beings of the road touch.
There are a variety of specialized industries in the world, it is a translation that there is even more variety of terminology in it.

This so-called, is the terminology in the trade industry ....

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Letters of credit (L / C) does not attach anxiety in the export business even in the settlement.

Can I stop the export business because you're anxious?

As long as it start from now, but it will be even if the

Problem is there you!

To say that because there is a risk, but it is not export business is stopped that so easily already begun?

While initially aware of the risk, it might have been a Okkanabikkuri work and turned a blind eye.
But it will be some day get used to such a situation, than have forgotten the fear of risk itself? ?

... Again, I'm However, unexploded ordnance say that risk but it is very you happen to explode at any chance.

Such you is a must.

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In export business, it is to become a leading role in the preparation stage, also letters of credit (L / C: Letter of Credit), but it is "El Sea".

In trade transactions with foreign countries, exporters are importers of credit research in remote areas may not be sufficiently.

But was able to tie finally to contract, really wonder me this importer pays the price of cargo?

In addition to get prepaid remittance the price, to no payment of guarantee from the importer, I wonder can not be peace of mind ....

And for us to eliminate this anxiety, I letters of credit (L / C), but ....

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License by TW Collins

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