Currently, sea transport in international trade, but it is common to carry a container.

Do Although it is sea container transport, which fully and now fixed, history is surprisingly shallow, Did you know that the thing that began ago just in '50?

previous maritime transport container ship is developed "conventional ship" was the leading role.

The conventional ship ship itself is the image, such as the cargo compartment.
For example, "container ship" will transport only the same shape container, but "conventional ship" for it has features that say that can transport a variety of shapes and weight of the cargo.

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Another article " outrageous and tons say units But ", I was allowed to talk from history for the" t "is a unit of mass.

Three tons, "British tons and rice tons of imperial", I you there was a "Buddha tons of metric" that use in everyday.

Actually t Not only the weight, it is also a unit representing the size!

In ..., one it is a problem here is sudden.

  • Q. I will be here with the water there is Buddha tons 1. What some volume of water at this time?
  • Zen Water
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Th-This is···.
Although it is that it was learned in elementary school, but I think also for many people in trouble surprisingly Once abruptly asked.
Though smoothly I definition of mathematics is no problem if me out, but it is one that is quite forgotten.

  • In as A. definition, it is if water 1 Buddha ton = 1,000kg = 1,000 liters = 1 cubic meter (cubic meters)!

Volume, which was converted from water 1 Buddha ton in the shipping industry, on the basis of the one Buddha ton = 1 cubic meters, respectively the weight and volume of cargo that is entrusted, to calculate the cost whichever scales large as "Level Newton".
(For level Newton this article " level Newton (Revenue Ton) is? and "Please see the)

In Japan, it is a "British ton" too unfamiliar, but the ship of the world is by far the a major is more of the "British ton!"
And also in this "British ton", it has a ton that was converted to the same volume as the "Buddha tons".

Origin of the "British ton," but I was allowed to talk about that are coming from the sound of the barrel, the volume occupied by the space when you put the barrel at the time had been with 40 cubic feet.

Since 1 feet = 0.3048 meters, it is the "1 UK ton = 40 cubic feet = 1.13267 cubic meters."

It has been used as the unit that represents the size of the cargo hold of the ship in is said to be "Dead (lowest) volume ton", general cargo ships and tankers even now.

But, not only the cargo to the ship, I think you also cruise ships that carry human beings.

In fact, in the room of the cruise ship there is another ton unit of "guests in a room = 1 British ton = 100 cubic feet = 2.831684 cubic meters", this is the design and passenger ships, we are now used to indicate the magnitude You.

1 British ton is set for the room is called "gross tons", to indicate the size of the ship, and I is used as an international basis.

Based on the 100 cubic feet for passenger ships, why the British one tons's the been re-set? Do not you think I?

The original standard, it was based on the space enough to enter the cargo hold.
But it is natural because is different from cargo and humans, it became necessary a new unit set to be converted into "Ichitaru → one person."

In has been converted for the human beings, I think of how much variety of size me this "100 cubic feet"?

Speaking as a measure of approximately, 1 room of Capsule Hotel is equivalent to "100 cubic feet."
It is like the minimum required space to use when a person sleeps (volume) was used as a reference.

Then a little strange feeling, but I to represent the world the size of the ship, it is usually "t" representing the weight is used in this manner.

... In fact, because there still are a lot of types of further tonnage, you say that it is not confirmed that chitin whether "what weight do?" Or "What size?" Is let's keep in mind that it becomes confused!

In everyday life in Japan and say "tons" normally, but I become "Buddha ton", but I have become a "reference is British tons by ship of the world."
Moreover Nante there is a "dead-volume ton" and "gross tons", I think you too really confusing ....

Well, this story is about the "tons".

The "t" is a unit of mere weight, but is quite the back is or deep.
You know, "ton = 1,000kg" The fact is that there are a variety of "tons" other than ....

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Another article in, I talked about actual weight and volume weight.

When you calculate the transport fare is the actual weight "Actual Weight: actual weight" and is the volume weight "Volume Weight: volume weight" are compared, it is considered the weight and should, whichever is greater will be charged You.

It is mean that this claim possible weight is referred to as a "Chargeable Weight (charger Bull wait)".

"... Even, actually what it is somehow to say so."

Even if we know that this way of thinking, I think you it is a lot to be confused at suddenly practice.

So this time, we want to try to calculate together in a concrete example for the practice.

Attribution-ShareAlike License by Tompagenet

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Have you heard of "volume weight"?

It is a strange unit that unit a different say why the "volume" and "weight" became confused.

The logistics it might be more important than the say "dimensional weight" actual "actual weight",.

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