This time, let's summarize the correspondence by the catch-all regulation and practical aspects.
The following is an excerpt from the FAQ of METI site.

Q1 at the time of export but did not correspond to the objective requirements, after export, was newly available to export the cargo, the concern information about the consumer.
Do you hit in this case, illegal export.
A1: It is not hit to the illegal export.

Q2: The document was obtained, etc., and "such as a document that can be obtained" also do is included.
A2: it included not. Be sure to check the objective requirements for documents, etc. that are actually available by the time of export.

"We used to ○○ weapons production," "eventually it will be sent to bypass the ○○ country." At the time of contract I think like the customer to be described in the agreement and or not.
Ordering also to have companies very often are carried out using the WEB and system, it is carried out each time a check of the objective requirements to doing what hundred of ordering day temporally non- Is possible.

How do I support but such a case?

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Comparison with the United States of Control Classification Number (ECCN) number

eccn Laws and regulations of the participating countries is an international regime AG, each country in accordance with the decision at Wasse over donor arrangement Men has conducted law revision, the same as countries in response to the HS revision in the WCO is performing law revision It is like.
HS is almost common although there are some differences in each country, (opinion slightly It is also different, such as the customs of the judgment but) it is easy to see the relatively countries of comparison.

However, it is so difficult to compare because the US and EU standards does not have all of the correlation 貿管 decree by 1 cargo such as Ordinance number and the United States of ECCN numbers are similar to the beginning of the number of some of the difference is those There is none.
Than Japan's laws and regulations are positively Galapagos? I feel very strongly by doing practice with.

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