Your trade, or there is no such trouble?

Trade me, it is not quite cumbersome or ...


And because the trade is commercial transactions between international, communication with people who are in a foreign country is mandatory.

It's all well and good as long as only the wall of words to say that foreign language, but it is what culture and customs are different if Kaware place is across the sea.
To say the idea is also passing to the extent surprising, Japan only common sense becomes the insane world, you become that you would encounter a scene that would have exhausted Hotohoto.

Unexpected cost ... to trade industry-specific terminology spur to the panic.

A lot of the unexpected is ... to trade

  • Even try to import it thinking from FOB unit price heard abroad "This Tsu cheap!", Tariff Yara is in in my head does not remain profitable than I thought in something of cost ○ × △ ···.
  • Late delivery is to delay it attached the various and reason, and ... to the mountain of inventory and lost sales opportunities of much trouble.
  • ... in a disastrous appearance situation under the trade that was barely import hard-bad mountain.
  • Just because there is an import of experience, where this time you try to import a large blow-by that a lot can be seen it from the start to be "eh? Different that? And so the procedure is cumbersome ?? so import I export" ....

... Nante, than not a few are those who happen to this kind of bitter experience?

All the case-by-case! ?

Because it is a business, you should have started to trade from anyone playing the abacus of the desk.

However, in practice larger surprisingly gap between the calculation, it is trade say often encountered in the scene that would be brought home his non-study.

Bad time as it deteriorates over the wheel, and ... be in trouble if you do not get out of the negative spiral.

Theory also certainly exist, but it is also the partner country, industry of the convention, such as by characteristics of the product there are many cases to deviate significantly.

Even in the same Japanese to each other, it says the difference between values ​​is I think you or large?

So trade is a business that foreigners, there is no way no matter what? ?

... What, but it will not be liked.

Do you not want to know a little more specifically?

In continuation of the page we are pleased to introduce the worries of every trouble and positions of each of the industries.

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