Is there any such trouble in your industry?


The trouble is what to be or become completely opposite if Kaware industries.

Severe yen for export companies, the tailwind to those importers.
Sometimes you want to sell industry sell more cheaply with a small amount multi-product, manufacturing things to sell high even a little it with a value-added ....

Importer of Boyaki

  • The "I can and sold cheaply because the yen is said, .... though not me to cooperate anything when the weaker yen."
  • and "not just exchange, also variation of Toka Toka material costs labor costs in foreign countries is to do not not have to absorb ...."

Manufacturing Boyaki

  • "When I'm now of labor costs, do not it to produce longer this cost there is a limit ...."
  • "And that at the time of cost estimates, do not'm different at all cost of current situation ...."
  • "Good but I'm a commodity of much trouble, another tide of kana ...."
  • "Even saying cost savings, I'm already irresponsible limit is ...."

Of Sales Boyaki

  • "The value under competition while scraping seen, .... Na wonder eventually be the case collapsed state"
  • "NB because frog (national brand) 's and everywhere, do not'm coming died choice but to compete on price ...."

Logistics industry Boyaki

  • "I also said I Yare the inspection Toka of work always at the same price, the greater the bad quality of the manufacturers, Na I'm going to be a lot taking out costs ...."
  • "When the poor increases, ... Na'm takes a long time in many ways."

Your troubles also means, please let us know!

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