And sales up by trade outsourcing!

"The sales Raise! But cost is to increase Na !!"

Is it not a dialogue that may have heard somewhere?

Now the status quo without any mean that bother never, but it is the result of came continue utmost efforts?
But even if there is a feeling Once you and, more than that I think does not change anything if there is something new weapons? ?

It should be done a new business it is, of course, But I had a collapse of the original core original does not have any child.

To that hand does not turn, the cost will be raised if you increase the human resources.

... So, you are of such should be outsourcing the non-core!

Formula for increasing the sales

Although it is sudden, do you raised some equations related to sales?
Is it not the most equality under it is the first to think of?

  • Sales = Unit Price x Quantity

So all of the businessman to you, including the, but it is reason to be desperate to increase the quantity.

Even to say that meaning is not to be gone too lower the unit price in order to increase the quantity, I think whether descriptive When I admire the this equation.

But, it will soon exhausted all means when just this.
If this equation only think float not like, now the tough world, it might be difficult to continue to survive easily.

So, how will the there is equality to say to the other?

Of course, but I also know this equation?

  • Sales = Sales ... sales + customer C of sales + customer B of A customers
  • A customer of sales = Items 1 of sales + commodity 2 sales + commodity 3 of sales ...

And that this has been fragmented, it becomes the first equation.

  • Volume in unit price x Items 1 of sales = Items 1 Items 1

Items To increase the sales important

The more unique products, also eliminates the so difficult new development of the customer.
But, stale product is also increase will fall reputation, but unfortunately will often become the opposite effect rather.

The more items, also is likely to increase sales from a single customer, and can be expected to increase sales from a number of customers, is the whole of the sales go up absolutely.

Of course, as it is refuted, the minute, the risk of such inventory and investments has become necessary that minute.

"Well, while reducing the risk, what the Fuyaseru interesting items if?"

And Why not try to seek partners abroad?

"Interesting items" and, Do not trade until now, in Japan it can be translated and had no commodity.

... For example, not known in Japan, or take overseas hit products?

Even selling explosively overseas, not at all known in Japan product will still exist.

Even in good manufacturers in foreign countries, it is there are many to say exactly anonymous in Japan.

Even already there was a similar products in Japan, or have been made unique differentiation, if possible manufacturing an inexpensive manufacturing cost, it might be able to Hauling no business opportunity ever.

Also a chance that can not be realized only company, if it is possible to find the outsourcing destination is an effective partner, is there from the Ariel also be spread dramatically deployment.

It should have buried is still treasure abroad.

Together, why not try to leap in search of opportunity abroad?
Watore will gladly will be your and abroad of the bridge!

Not interested in the cost down?
Cost down by trade outsourcing

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