The imported goods, Is it safe to not have to inspection?

This is recommended to you!

  • Difficult to ensure the manpower
  • Difficulty securing locations
  • I want to inspect just the first lot
  • Serious failure problem
  • There is a legal confirmation Outline

The imported goods, do you really thing of order street?

Japanese severity is the highest peak in the world to the quality.
Even a little scratch, sometimes it would if there are able to develop into a large claim to ....

Benefits are still low-cost overseas production.
But its quality is what would really inferior when also compared to the product in Japan ....

Maybe then, you may be able to somehow also inspection in human wave tactics to temporary if they have space to house.

But, must or ask you to lower the head, you do not cause to the mental fatigue to secure human resources and space for in-house?

There is also the hand that the ask to staffing, such as part-time job and, but that can not be secured in time quite want.
In addition to education and supervision that takes into account the variation of the skills and experience, I think there is no really impossible?

So is the suggestion!

Of course the whole process to say that imports in Watore, available upon pleased also only inspection work is one process.

Because from the development of products are involved in making things, and inspection of as a work of common warehouse and logistics skilled in a little bit different.

Rich professional staff experience in imports of inspection from overseas, with exquisite balance not too even to excessive quality while clear quality standards in the professional eye, to keep the "homogeneous" necessary to you.

Of course, inspection of other imported goods is also OK.

Point up to the start of inspection

  • It summarized in Table problems from the identified issue and past history in the sample.
>> Sample of the table here
  • Create a quality statement, to embody the inspection contents in the document. It also creates limit sample and standard sample if necessary.
※ Please contact us if in is required special equipment inspection.
※ please specify in advance with respect to the handling of defective goods.
  • Inspection personnel I'll make such simple instructions perform an inspection accurately.
  • The inspection results are summarized in Table to your report.
[Track record of imported goods inspection]
● Origin: Made in China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand
● Classification: electronic products, metal products, plastic products, wood products ● Product: Portable laser application equipment, office products, public for housing equipment, care products
[Equipment for inspection]
● dedicated inspection platform (7x2m), (for dimming of inspection field) lux meter, for laser power meter, multimeter, power supply, oscilloscope, micrometers, digital calipers, laser level
[Inspection offices]
● Kawasaki city ● Chiba Prefecture Kimitsu city ● Osaka suburbs, Nara Prefecture ● Fukuoka Prefecture Buzen city
Because it is possible also to such secondary operations such as the insertion of the brochure during the inspection, please feel free to contact us with your request.

Contact us of inspection

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