Do not you make with overseas manufacturers products of Only1 together?

Easy Come, Easy Go ...

Those that can be raised to easy, it will be caught up in commonplace vortex of price competition as.

The business importance is the differentiation.
It means that to have the advantage in is referred to as a sales service also would certainly effective.
But sales of services that consumers seek

But Is it not a Kanabo the demon if there is superiority in the product, your logo on it?

Era from NB to PB

SCM, which was battered to price competition, have each walked their own way.
The peace of mind can be a leading NB (National Brand) is also while in the nucleus, continues to seek its own products with originality.

They own product has attracted attention as a hot PB (Private Brand).

Do you also have not wanted items Only1?

Watore! Since there is a large number of achievements in the domestic leading manufacturer like, please leave in comfort!

Your faithfully and efficiently Konasu OEM style design, it supported a wide range of ODM style for cooperation from the ideas and design.
  • Watore! Design examples from the
nps9B_6_0001 nps9B_5_0001 nps9B_3_0001 nps9B_2_0001 nps9B_1_0001

Specific trade case here

Of merchandise development service partners

Marketing Process
  • Design = overseas manufacturers, external designer
  • Design prototype = foreign manufacturers, domestic design of skill in the art, the domestic trial of skill in the art
  • Reliability survey = foreign manufacturers, domestic testing laboratories
  • Certification = foreign manufacturers, domestic testing laboratories

Inquiry of overseas merchandise development services here

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