North American LCL (LCL) ocean freight export services "can Yamaguchi-kun"

Marine transportation services in North America Watore

Was asked to estimate postage from buyers of goods to the U.S. for the first time. . But ...

  • Where do I contact the shipping company freight What?
  • Easy to understand why there is no price list for domestic courier services like?
  • What have the invoice?
  • Customs can I ask where?
  • What you do not have packaging?
  • After all,,, no clue at the complex. .

    At such times for our North American LCL (consolidated cargo), please use the fare quote? !

    From Port: Port of Kobe, Nagoya, Osaka and from Tokyo: MLB (Ross Long Beach) AW (New York), we offer both services.
    • Dangerous goods is a separate service.
    • The size of the cargo weight may not be eligible for this service.
    Furthermore, when the state inquiry of the cargo weight and packaging (crates, cartons, etc.) in the sum of the three sides (cm) Please tell us.
    "This Yamaguchi-kun" will get back to you quickly.

    We also estimate not only the ocean freight, we also offer customs clearance on behalf of the export packaging.
    Estimate is free, on this occasion, try doing a review of the cost of freight logistics and consistent export clearance + + ~ ~ V What is export packaging?

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