• The imported goods,
    Do the same thing as really goods you ordered?

    Japanese severity is the highest peak in the world to the quality. Little even scratch, will if there is that sometimes develop into large claim to .... To say or do, quality excessive inspection you will invite unnecessary cost. Watore that making things it can be seen! We promise you need homogeneous.

  • Realistic worries case of trade

    It does not attach trouble to trade.
    The trouble if they are different positions and divisions, is a position, quite different even in the same house .... Let alone, different industry is even more ◯ × △ is by ne ....

  • Small cargo export services of Yas music, early How is it?

    Even a little cargo, it must be prepared Packing List of'm Invoice when you send things overseas.
    can you will see if Mire have, but this is surprisingly cumbersome thing ....
    Like a domestic courier service, it is a must to those who want to feel free to send things even overseas!

  • Value-Up in trade outsourcing!

    As I was immersed in a small cost down, talk you do not laugh you Nante had become the overall cost increase, but it does not have around you? ?
    Anything and everything to do on your own, big mistake is a business and is of that conduct in-house!
    If the correct outsourcing in trade, not only cost down can be, at the same time sales up your important core becomes free also it is not a dream!

  • We have to deliver this kind of goods from the world

    Here Watore! There we will introduce some of the products that were the import and export!
    Merely because only an example, If you have any things you are looking for, by all means to contact us! !

  • Do not make the original PB products together?

    Now age PB (private brand) era of the commodity.
    If there is you just 1-of-a-kind products, and in need of not being caught up in price competition like a now! ?
    By the manufacturer in the world to partner, why not create your number one commodity together?

  • In the trade of running process we have this kind of Useful

    One by one in the process of trade is a difficult, yet because it is done in taking turns turnover is skilled in several, the grasp of the overall picture is very difficult thing.
    Here Watore! We will introduce a concrete Useful case in the running process is doing.

  • Care of the trade, and try against the outsourced?

    Did you know that?
    If outsourcing to trade business agency, we can expect an immediate effect on cost reduction and labor savings!
    If the frequency of trade is not large, it is a service that Just meet for those who are not familiar with the trade!

Introduction of trade services

  • Guidance of import services here
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  • monkey-business

    Trade business agency service

    Trade do not know well, trade hassle! , Or is a must those who say busy ... which are hand does not rotate, and recently!

    >> Read more.

  • Product procurement services

    I want to buy those goods from abroad! , Anyone who is a must see.

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  • Mono create Service

    You must be No.1 in order to win the competition! I want to be in the presence of the Only1! , Anyone who is a must see.

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  • Logistics Service

    Export packaging, for land, sea and air and transportation, we want to change the status quo! If you think and is a must see.

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March 4, 2015
Japan - Thailand and Vietnam between the container ship, the NYK Line opened a new service

NYK Line has announced that it will open March 3, new service Phoenix2 of container ship connecting Thailand and Vietnam from Japan from the end of March alone. By opening new service, existing Phoenix service changes the Phoenix 1 and name, in which Japan and Southeast Asia of seaborne trade increases with Phoenix 1, things that you become a stable service system to the corresponding widely to the burgeoning demand. The new service is a weekly service by 2700TEU type container ship three ships of NYK flight, among them Kobe-Laem Chabang becomes the 6th, will be the industry's fastest schedule.

March 3, 2015
The world's largest container ship to 6 vessels flying MOL

MOL is likely to fly to Asia and at once the world's largest container ship the six ships introduced in 2017 to route that connects Europe. Container can be 20,000 loaded with, it is so aim to reduce costs of 30 billion yen per year by replacing a small ship. Upsizing to make carry large amounts of cargo at a time is very important for the operational efficiency improvement, MOL is likely preceded by the increase in the size of the container ship.

March 2, 2015
Joban road whole line opening

Tokyo metropolitan area construction was delayed by the impact of the earthquake and the nuclear accident and the Joban Expressway which connects the Pacific Ocean coast of the Tohoku region one day, opened in the whole line, a ceremony to celebrate the opening was held. Joban Expressway is a highway that connects the approximately 300 kilometers of the Pacific Ocean coast between Tokyo metropolitan area and the Miyagi Prefecture, and Fukushima Prefecture Joban Tomioka Interchange that was not opened up to now, approximately 14 km of the section between Namie interchange one day through a newly to be planned from about '50 be able to pass, was opened in the whole line. Joban Expressway, which had delayed construction on the impact of the earthquake and the nuclear accident, as to accelerate the government's reconstruction, it was ahead of the whole line opening was scheduled for mid-long holiday season of this year. Opening section, in order to pass through the evacuation area, in addition to was carried out measures to reduce the radiation paved the glue surface is thicker than normal concrete, relatively, for the radiation dose is high places set up a monitoring post on the side of the road dose It has to display. General vehicle is so will be able to pass from 15:00.

February 27, 2015
Highest updated in net income 45% increase in December 14 period container shipping Maersk

Container shipping the world's largest A · P · Moller-Maersk (Denmark) of December 2014 period was announced the 25th financial results, 5 billion 15 million US dollars (about 600 billion yen of net income is increased before the period 45% ) and it was updated up to the past. Container shipping flagship is now significantly increase of 50% strength into play about 10% reduction in fuel costs due to increased demand and crude oil weaker. Sales seems to have been 47.5 billion $ 69 million of the flat. Oil and natural gas development sector is a pillar of the second income remains at 4 percent decline was also evident effect of the rationalization of the tanker sector.

February 26, 2015
Slovenia, Koper port utilization, launched the "Central and Eastern Europe direct hybrid" Nippon Express

Nippon Express February 25, by using the Slovenia-Koper harbor, to transport the small cargo of less than one container in Budapest, Hungary, the Japan to sea mixed integrated transportation services announced that it has started from the 15th . A small cargo of less than one container via Slovenia, Koper harbor, it seems service that is consistent transportation to delivery destination of Budapest. Conventionally, had been transported by using the German Port of Hamburg, by making use of the Koper port, maritime transport distance is about 3600km, land transportation distance is shortened about 600km, up to 4 days lead time, and transport cost is so a maximum of 20% reduction. To start the service from Budapest, Hungary, sequentially, Romania, Austria, the Czech Republic, has been planning to expand to Eastern European countries such as Slovakia.

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