Current situation from practitioners security export control as seen Part 1

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The basic laws and regulations

Customs in charge of you know as import and export of It is the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance.
The main mission According to the Ordinance of the Ministry of Finance

Ensuring sound fiscal, proper and fair taxation of implementation, the proper management of customs duties, the proper management of the national treasury,
A mission that to achieve the maintenance and securing of foreign exchange stabilization of confidence in the currency (Ministry of Finance Establishment Law Article 3)

It has become. When because proper operation of the customs called what it means

Collection of customs duties, import and export cargo customs clearance, crackdown on smuggling, and management of bonded area to the main objectives and business

Is that. Again prime purpose is the collection of "taxes".
Since exports by "those exiting from Japan", to take the trade statistics by applying the HS. It was a feeling that I think we only did not think much.

However, even if no framework of COCOM during the Cold War, the operation of the domestic laws in line with international agreements as Japan launched international regimes such as the Wassenaar Arrangement and the AG has come to be required.

Export control underlying laws but is the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law provisions many terms as you can see the has been removed.
Article 48 in this has become the basis laws of export controls. Article 25 has become the basis for laws and regulations of the service transactions regulation.

Previously, briefing in the METI personnel "Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law originally because it is the Ministry of Finance of the laws and regulations ..." had been talking to.

Many of the Ordinance to hang in Article 48 and Article 25 has been without a system of complex export control of Japan.
It is a little Tekito but we are without a complex system like this.
The left side is the cargo, and the right services regulation.


Next time I'll try summarizes the Export Trade Control Order and the US re-export regulations (ECCN).

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