Tatte export packing Tte of Tsu Nante tree Daro~o! The Tteyuu obsolete?

by hkanezuka

Let's summarize the "export packing" today! !

What do you want to imagine and say material of export packing everyone? ?


Again Are you packing of wood? ? ?

Now, it's the steel packaging that has been used in many cases on behalf of wood packaging.

This guy is a guy Tteyuu steel packing! !

The Tteyuu steel packing it's packing, such as the left of the pictures! ! !

What kind of material is used? ?

And because much is Tteyuu steel, and I thought that it either surely are covered instead of plywood and wood with steel plate
It's a thin sheet of "galvanized steel sheet".
Znplate Thickness whopping 0.3mm !! (crate average 9mm)

Part that covers it and say that it or why thin is so I do not related to box strength.
It's such order to the invisible contents. But floor part that holds the cargo will be made to the rugged steel frame. Here it is the so-called "pot" "Kaname".

How do you be the made?

kakouchu Craftsmen called "Setsuya's" In the case of wood processing will continue to provide the member in accordance with measuring member table.
In the case of steel packing it is exactly the Iron Works.

How do I assemble and demolition to be? (Wooden frame packing)

kaitai It box can there is the impression that very unpacking but actually easy to unpack than I thought and pull out the nails of the navel there is a "navel" (demolition).

That it would inflict damage to you are dismantled forcibly bar and chain saws without otherwise the most important contents (cargo) also. . . There often is like in developing countries.
after break
In addition, the wood used in packing, you are increasing the country would have been imported rejected by the importing country that it has not undergone wood insecticide treatment (chemicals or heat).

How do I assemble and demolition to be? (Steel packing)

Is it one of the charms of steel packaging that does not worry the need, such as wood packing.
Wooden box made of wood and assembled using nails, but in the case of steel specifications are assembled using a "bolt".
But I can unpacking even if they have a familiar tool extreme case anyone around us, such as a spanner or wrench from tree fastener is a bolt and a nut.
It also I will also be important forest resource protection for no! Earth damaging the contents!

The Other have any merit?

Or just does not have paid a little magnitude of the difference in open-top containers and flat rack containers are forced to use the resulting no longer premium freight (void)?
Steel packing it can be finished reduce the exterior dimensions after packing than the wooden box packing!
It But it is packing price but more expensive only a little than wood. Total cost benefits is big!

You want to know more details, how much it takes for?

Please contact us by phone or email for details.
Expert of export packing will answer.
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