Have you ever heard the words to say PDCA?

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PDCA P's Plan (Plan), D is Do (execution), C is Check (check), A is Action (action).
This one cycle, and that it continues round and round turn, image Keywords say that the continuous improvement is, is this a PDCA.

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It says the stage where things are made is I am wide-ranging.

And because that is a translation is QC to manage quality (Quality) (Control), it is natural for QC also wide-ranging.

So here, let's take a look at each of the QC in stages.

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Do you have a quality management doing about you?

And even if it is suddenly said Te "syrups quality control!", I'm Nothing is difficult if there is no prior knowledge.
After vaguely beginning, ... the efficiency horribly bad thing.

I think are doing a quality management senior person how?

It is what it is quick to learn anything from a good precedent.
(It 's is what you say it is the so-called study.)

So here is a typical tool in quality control = QC, I would want to study the seven tools of QC.
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What are the elements necessary for work?

Not only manufacturing, the also important to the general work is this "QCD".
Of course, but there is a variety of important things, it is very useful keywords that it was easy to understand summary.

But, "DCQ" But without "CDQ" neither such as, Why a "QCD"? ? ?
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